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Kidd Rifft Rides into the Music Scene


Emma Owen
Blazer News Editor


“My older brother and my dad (are) good singers but they’ve only (performed) in choirs,” Stinson said. “They’ve never jumped off the ledge and tried to make their own song, so I figured I would be the one to try it out.”

Rubin Stinson, junior in marketing, has been writing music for two years now and said his inspiration comes from his family.

Under the artist name, Kidd Rifft, Stinson said the first single he distributed on major platforms was inspired by spending quality time with someone you admire.

“This song is based (on the) idea of just riding with somebody in the car and enjoying their company,” Stinson said. (Because) I enjoy driving and playing music, I thought (I’d) share the emotion of that quality time with somebody and make it into a song.”

Along with making music, Stinson is number 58 on the football team, and said there is a similar discipline between singing and playing football.

“I’d say the main discipline is that with music, you have to be self-reliant,” Stinson said. “I have to be disciplined and just finish one song at a time. In a certain season I grind out, so I have enough to put out later on in the year.”

Stinson said throughout his time of making music, his close friends have encouraged him to accomplish his goals.

“I’m always singing when I’m in a good mood,” Stinson said. “Just rapping and putting things together and my friends were like, ‘Hey, you should try this out’.”

Stinson said between keeping a close group of friends and managing time, he has been able to accomplish his musical goals.

“My advice is to plan out what you want to accomplish,” Stinson said. “If you have a project that you want to put out, just organize your thoughts and your timetable for when you want to do things and just stick to (it). It also really helps to have a team that has the same goal as you. I have a friend that I make a lot of songs with and he helps make sure I’m on track.”

For Stinson, that friend is Jarrett Anthony, a musician that has worked with Rubin throughout his time making music.

“When it comes to music alone, Rubin is very gifted,” Anthony said. “His rap style is different from what people predominantly tend to listen to today. He shoots for sharing a message rather than just throwing anything on a track and releasing it.”

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In the Know
 Kidd Rifft said he created his artist name by honoring his mother's maiden name, "Kidd" and adding the letter 'T' to the end of the musical melody "riff."
 Stinson and Anthony will soon release an EP under their duo name, LUXe.
 The EP is set to be released during the summer.


Anthony said he admires Stinson’s passion because he puts in extensive effort to achieve the result.

“I think it’s important to mention that he just has a God given talent,” Anthony said. “He’s able to freestyle with ease all while being lyrical and including metaphors. This gift allows him to provide a quick and quality turnaround time when you need a verse or you are working on an entire project all together.” Anthony said that beyond music, Stinson has a determined attitude that contributes to his success.

“Rubin knows what he wants and how he wants it done,” Anthony said. “This is nice because I know that when I work with him, the job will get done.”

Justin Byrd, senior in information systems, said throughout his longtime friendship with Stinson, he has enjoyed seeing him pursue music.

“I met Rubin in middle school,” Byrd said. “He sat behind me in class and we became friends on the first day of school. I remember when he would play me melodies and songs that he would come up with in class.”

Byrd said he encourages others to give Stinson’s music a listen, due to his original sound.

“(He) makes the type of music that will last,” Byrd said. “He is developing his own style and chooses not to follow the trends in music right now. Most importantly, he is good. He has a great singing voice along with the ability to rap.”





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