Let's Let Our Differences Unite Us

A Letter from the Editor

Sufia Alam
Editor in Chief


In my last letter to the editor, on the first day of school of this school year, I challenged my fellow Blazers to keep an open mind. In the spirit of the new year, I want to issue a new challenge; use your differences to expand your community. 

Keeping our Birmingham community united is important now more than ever.

Many of us have marked 2019 as the year we were all divided. 

During winter break, President Donald Trump was impeached, an entire continent has been constantly on fire, talks of a possibility of a war with Iran is ongoing and Puerto Rico has been in a relentless uncertainty of when their country will stop shaking. 

In fact, much of what I stated appeared in breaking news in the past two weeks.

All of these events represent a larger conversation in which we all have such passionate views on – but can’t seem to reach an agreement on.  

2019 for some of us, was the year some friendships were lost because of political ideology or beliefs of major topics.  We let oneanother’s views on smaller topics set a precedent for all current controversial topics. 

The reason we have been able to stand out as a city and university is not because of luck or outside influences, but our desire to strive to achieve more and better our community. Our innovations, scientific break throughs and establishing new social norms have all come from a desire to improve our environment around us. 

As a university, we are ranked No. 3 as the most diverse campus in the country, according to Princeton Review. As a city,we all come from different backgrounds, convictions and beliefs. This has given Birmingham and our campus a unique opportunity to use our backgrounds to create a better UAB and Birmingham. 

This year, I challenge my fellow Blazers to really listen to one another. When differences rise, use that opportunity to generate a conversation of creating new ideas that can cater to both sides. 

May 2020 be known as the year welistened, invented and improved.





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