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It's the Blazer Way or the Highway

Explore the Creed Week activities and events


Emma Owen
Blazer News Editor 
Emma Owen 


As the second annual creed week begins, there will be several special celebrations to highlight honor, integrity, diversity, innovation, service and scholarship, the components that define UAB’s creed.


Cookies and Creed Connections

Throughout Creed Week, students can head to the Hill Student Center and the Commons on the Green to join in fun events to receive a free cookie. Along with a sweet treat, students will also have the chance to collect creed week related goodies.


Demetrius Harmon

Tuesday, Demetrius Harmon, YouTuber, comedian, actor and poet, will be on campus helping the university kick-off creed week. Harmon will be in the Hill Student Center Ballroom at 6 p.m.


Just Mercy Student Movie Night

Wednesday at 7 p.m., students can head to The Edge theater in Crestwood for a free showing of the movie, “Just Mercy”.


Spark Your Fire Arts Competition

Also Wednesday, there will be an art competition in the Hill Center Ballroom where students will submit any form of art that represents one of the five points of UAB’s creed. This event is being hosted by the Blazer Spirit Council and all students are welcome.


Dragon Tales

The USGA has created a short movie that displays nominated members of UAB’s faculty that are considered to represent the creed through the work they do on campus. This video can be viewed during Creed Week on the USGA Instagram page and can be seen at the “Getting Connected the Blazer Way” event on Thursday.


ORCA and Social Justice Advocacy Council

On Friday at 9 a.m., the Social Justice Advocacy Council is hosting a student conference on the third floor of the Hill Student Center. The purpose of the conference is for students from across Alabama to share methods of advocating for positive changes within society. Undergraduate, graduate and professional students are invited to attend the conference.





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