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Holsey Uses His 'Fire' in Faith

How singing has become an important part of one student's life


Emma Owen
Blazer News Editor 
Emma Owen


If you want to hear Josh Holsey, senior in biology, working on his new songs, chances are, you’ll find him in his car.

“My car is my safe haven where I sing all the time because I don’t sing in the dorm,” Holsey said. “Those walls are paper thin, and I don’t know about anyone else, but I sound like a dying cat when I sing in the morning.”


Holsey has been writing and performing music for about two years and describes his style as a mix of Christian, Pop and R&B.


It’s just been a different movement, it’s more of what you would hear on pop radio, but with Christian lyrics,” Holsey said, “I can make a sound that people want to hear, but with a valuable message.”


While Holsey said he sticks to a specific genre of music, he doesn’t bind himself to that genre. 


(All of) my songs sound different,” Holsey said. Music is very versatile, and I feel like artists should be able to reflect that.”


Holsey said that between balancing classes and music, he has plans to record later this year.

“Somedays I’ll wake up and be having a dream about a melody for a new song and then I’ll make a (recording) and those are the best sounds you’ll ever hear,” Holsey said. 


Holsey said that while he is in school to become a dentist, if he had the chance to pursue a music career, he would take it.


“At my church we talk about something called passion-based ministry,” Holsey said. “That’s what this is for me, however, my pastor preaches about having your nine to five (for paying) bills. Do what you like and whatever you do, do it diligently and do it well, but if your passion-based ministry takes off where you can do it full time, then do that.


Holsey said that through the challenges of songwriting, the ability to share a message through songsallows him to push himself.


“Having a voice to tell a storyto affect people and help them bring change into their life (while getting) inspiration and (moving) forward is what drives me to keep going, Holsey said.


His music is beginning to expand beyond the nation’s borders and is being heard around the world, Holsey said. 


“Music is able to reach so many people now,” Holsey said. “As of right now, my songs have reached 74 countries and sometimes it’s only one listener, but I could be affecting change somewhere where I have never even seen the person.” 


To those who wish to also pursue a hobby of creating music, Holsey has some advice. 


“Being purpose-driven is the first thing I would say,” Holsey said. “Keeping the goal of whatever your music is, especially Christian artists. Keep God at the forefront of everything you do. Every time you’re about to record, make sure that it’s not about you. You don’t spread the talent, you spread the anointing that you have.”


Emmanuel Dean senior in biomedical engineering said he thinks highly of Holsey’s music and his work ethic.


Josh’s music is inspirational and fun,” Dean said.You can tell he puts so much work into it. It’s well produced and shows his insane vocal abilities.”


Dean said Holsey’s dedication to school and music is something that he finds fascinating.


I think it’s really cool that Josh is studying to go to dental school but is still strong about pursuing his other passion in music,” Dean said.He works hard in both areas as well. Honestly, I feel like he’s either studying or singing.


Cyan Patterson, senior in biomedical science, said she met Holsey during her sophomore year and the two bonded over organic chemistry.


We struggled and studied together and have been great friends since,” Patterson said. 


Patterson said that through Holsey’s music, she can see him showcase his authentic self.


I love that his music expresses his personality,” Patterson said.He is so passionate about it and it definitely shows.


Patterson said that beyond music, she sees positive qualities in Holsey that will help him in the music industry.


Josh has great character, is kind and always makes me laugh,” Patterson said.


Get to know Holsey
 - Holsey's music cn be streamed on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music.
 - Among his performances, Holsey performed his original song, "Fire" at the 2019 Got Talent Competition.
 - He is currently writing two ballads, "Maybe That's Why" and "Galaxies Apart."
 - One of his biggest inspirations is his manager, a former Christian rapper.