How Do You Feel About Diversity at UAB


Jadon Bailey, Sophomore in Marketing

Jadon Bailey 3

"It’s really cool to see inclusive things like social affairs with people from different countries and throwing events where you can learn so much about their culture.  There are still some places where I feel like there’s not complete acceptance. And it’s not outright and it’s never been anything direct. It’s probably more of a product of the system we’ve been a part of.There’s always progress to be made but I think it’s awesome the direction we’re headed in."


Ami Dave, Freshman in Public Health

Ami Dave 3

"Diversity at UAB is kind of different because everywhere I’ve been everyone’s the same color, the same race the same religion. When you come to UAB whenever you enter a room there’s a lot of diversity in how people think and therefore the way that people exchange ideas is so important."


Crystal Bannister, Sophomore in Marketing

Crystal Bannister 2

"In terms of diversity I feel like while there are a lot of different people from different cultures going to the same school, I don’t really see them interact. Everybody tends to stay to their group from what I’ve experienced."


Wendy Yang, Freshman in Chemistry

Wendy Yang

"I feel like diversity is fairly promoted across campus. I don’t really see diversity promoted on the administrative level. I don’t see flyers for events that UAB itself holds. I mainly see student organizations themselves hold them."