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Feeling Gray With Mid Semester Blues

Advice for students who are feeling overcommited and disorganized


Myles Womack
Senior Staff Reporter
Myles womack


As the weeks get closer to midterms, for some students, it can feel as though the semester has already taken its toll.


Gary Fuqua, sophomore in musical theatre, said the mid-semester “truly” gets them down. 


“I tend to get unorganized, messy and all over the place,” Fuqua said. “Being busy in classes and having so many obligations and work gets the best of me.”


Fuqua said they have learned to schedule time to clean, relax and plan.


Avoiding the rut can be difficult for some when the weather is bad, major exams arecoming up and there’s not another break until spring. 

 Cristin Gavin, Ph.D., assistant professor in the department of neurobiology, said she sees two general versions of the mid semester rut and its impact on students.


“One is when students find themselves in the middle of the semester vastly over committed and disorganized in one or more of theirserious impact classes,” Gavin said.I see them where they've kind of lost the early motivation of the beginning of the semester and haven't quite found the drive to continue to put out good work because they're overwhelmed or disengaged.”


Gavin said an important way to prevent hitting the slump is attendance and not letting missed days pile up.


“A lot of passive learning happens in class,” Gavin said. “Where you pick up on general organizational themes inyour studies. Even if you literally show up and don't take a note the entire period, I would rather see a student's butt in the seat listening than anything else.


I believe one of the simplest ways to combat the rut is to have some sort of outlet to relieve stress, said Myah Morton, coordinator of Student Activities in Student Involvement & Leadership. 


Gavin said to keep in mind that instructors go through the mid-semester rut as well and they tend to struggle with “continued motivation and enthusiasm” too.


“When the students hit the rut or the teacher hits the rut, the other follows,” said Gavin. “Everybody making a concerted effort to stay positive, keep the motivation and classroom energy high serves everybody best to get through this period.”

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