A Q&A Session with the USGA candidates 





Tyler Huang, junior in neuroscience



Can you introduce your platform/ main initiatives?  


From a student experience point of view, we like to enhance the student experience by increasing the space utilization of the Hill Student Center. This should be the epicenter of our student life. And we want to ensure that this space is created for you. That’s increasing the number of seating during peak lunch hours, adding music to the bathrooms to make that enjoyable or just communicating and understanding your concerns as a student body. And lastly, from a campus relations standpoint, we want to make sure that we include you within our USGA whether that’s inviting you, coming to meetings to listen or giving your opinion on what your student organization can collaborate with on USGA, we hopefully can facilitate a better relationship for future. 



Why should students vote for you?


For me personally and my running mate, I think we offer a very unique dynamic, currently serving as the executive vice president of the student government. I have the unique opportunity of already learning a lot of the logistics that take place within USGA. Our term is very short, only lasting around eight months. To further propel our student government organization, I think that I’m uniquely qualified for this position. In addition, my running mate, Angela currently serves as a College of Arts and Science’s Senator. We’ve worked very closely in the Senate, a portion of USGA, which is predominantly what she would be presiding over. I’ve been able to give her a lot of advice on how to better equip that position.



What makes you better than your other candidates?


Like I previously mentioned, I’m currently serving as the executive vice president. I have the ability to work within the executive cabinet as well as the legislative branch, but also in conjunction with our judicial branch and freshman forum. This unique aspect gives me a lot of connections within our student government and I know a lot of the inner workings.


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Andrew Bartholomew, sophomore in economics



Can you introduce your platform/ main initiatives?


Our platform is composed of three pillars.The first one is academics, the second one is student resources, and the third one is campus life.  Under academics, we have an initiative that is really aimed at making sure that you can graduate on time because that’s kind of what we’re all here to do. With this, we’re working on core scheduling because sometimes there are classes in specific majors, but also generally across the board where they’re only offered at one time during the whole semester or the whole year. If that doesn’t work with your schedule, then that can put you behind on graduation even a whole year if you’re not aware of that. And then under campus life we’re working on creating an advisory board. This is all about creating an active process of dialogue and feedback between us and students.



Why should students vote for you?


I think that our campaign is really all about connecting with students. Last night I met with a student group campus ministry off campus, and we spent an hour and a half just talking about my campaign, their concerns, the things that really bothered them. And it was the most rewarding experience for me because that’s really why I’m running to be president. There are a lot of really cool things that come along with being President as far as getting to work on projects and see the future of the university come into fruition. For me, sitting with students, getting their feedback and having that opportunity to really share, you know, what is the way we want to proceed forward as a group, as a whole campus, not just like the students or just my friends, but really reaching out to people who haven’t been traditionally included in USGA.



 What makes you better than your other candidates?


I currently sit as an associate justice on the court, but to really speak to my experience outside of that I’ve worked with administrators on projects independently from USGA. The reason that’s important to me, and I think why it should be important to you is because for me that is all about making sure that I’m working on change and adapting our situation no matter where I’m at or if I have the title that says that I can necessarily do that change for.





David Russo, junior in chemistry



What makes you better than your other candidates?


I think what makes me stand out is I’m a very casual candidate. I’m very friendly and approachable and unlike anything I think USGA has ever had in the president position. So, I feel like if I was president, people be able to approach me on the green and just give me suggestions, just talk through it, whatever they would like to work on.



Can you introduce your platform/ main initiatives?


The main goal of my campaign is to focus on the students of UAB. So starting off with establishing a big display board in the Hill center that displays what USGA is doing for better transparency and to give updates to students so they can better help and join in as well. We’ll put resources so students will be more aware. And another thing we’d like to do is instead of waiting for the students to come to us and coming to our meetings, we’ll go out to every RSO and their exec board meetings. Actually go to them, lose our home field advantage just so we have a better understanding of what the students actually want.



 Why should students vote for you?


I think students would vote for me, so I could set USGA on a path towards better transparency and communication with the student body.

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