The increasingly-common hoverboard is a potential safety hazard. (Photo from Fast Company Design).The increasingly-common hoverboard is a potential safety hazard. (Photo from Fast Company Design).Sarah Faulkner - News Editor

Hoverboards have been banned on UAB’s campus due to safety concerns raised after several devices across the world caught fire while in use or charging.

UAB released the following statement on BlazerNet regarding the hoverboard ban on Jan. 8: “UAB is prohibiting the use, storage and charging of all hands-free, self-balancing scooters, also referred to as hoverboards, because of safety concerns raised by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the potential for fall-related injuries.”

Recharging a hoverboard on campus is also prohibited.

The prohibition, according to the statement, will hold until the Consumer Product Safety Commission completes its investigation of the hoverboard fire hazard issues.

“I think with what we have seen in the news recently with the cheaper models combusting, that it is important to protect students from being affected by that,” Garrett Stephens, USGA president, said. “I do believe that it is important for administrators to continue to reach out to us when they are making these types of decisions. Whether or not our input is taken into consideration, when we are made aware of these impending decisions, we are better able to inform our constituents. It is also beneficial for administrators if student leaders are able to stand with them when these types of decisions are made. I hope that we are moving past the days of not informing student government of decisions that will affect the student body.”

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