Nearly 100 students commemorated MLK Day through service to the community. (Photo courtesy of UAB Office of Student Involvement and Leadership).Nearly 100 students commemorated MLK Day through service to the community. (Photo courtesy of UAB Office of Student Involvement and Leadership).April Oberman - Staff Writer

In remembrance of a man who created a non-violent campaign, lead protests and was jailed in our own Birmingham, the Leadership and Service Council partnered with the Black Student Awareness Committee to host the annual day of service dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. on Jan. 19.

One of Martin Luther King Jr.'s most famous quotes is, "What are you doing for others?" This is something the BSAC focuses on, according to Executive Director Brandon Patton.

“BSAC co-sponsored the MLK Day of Service because of everything that Martin Luther King Jr. has done for African Americans. Without MLK, there is no telling where African American rights would be. BSAC wanted to help with this event to show respect to him. Service is very important to us and also the community, without service and giving back there is no way to move forward,” Patton said.

Patton described the day as a “team event.” The BSAC helped set up the event, worked different tables, helped students register for the event, passed out food and T-shirts and were site leaders at various locations.

One of the volunteering sites is located only 14 minutes from campus and is the source for hiking and fresh air: Red Mountain. Sophomore Allison Carroll signed up to volunteer at this site to help clear the mountain of privet, a shrub found at the mountain. 
“I really loved being able to give back to our community. Martin Luther King viewed service as an integral part of society, and volunteering in the Birmingham area helps carry on his ideals,” Carroll said.

Carroll, along with close to 99 other volunteer students, helped clear privet at Red Mountain. Volunteer Manager Angela Cleary of Red Mountain was noticeably impressed with the work accomplished. She repeatedly invited the students to return to work more. 
“We [the people at Red Mountain] joke on the war on privet because it seems like we are never going to feel like we are done cleaning it up. But, having volunteers that are able to know the difference between which tree stays and which tree goes means that quality work is happening. Having hands-on volunteers totally helps with less use of herbicides and less use of machinery,” Cleary said. Red Mountain plans to use the cleared paths as space for an outdoor classroom for elementary school students. The space will be ADA Accessible and will hold over 30 kids.

“It is going to be one of the very first things that grabs your attention at the park. Our goal of the classroom is for visitors to come and see that we are not just “the place that has the zip lines.” We really are concentrating on education and teaching kids and upcoming generations about preserving land and showing them ways that they can get involved and help,” Cleary said.
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