Firehouse renewed as diy music venue


Haley Hodges
CityLifestyle Reporter

The audience came to life as Jackson Gafford, lead vocalist and lead guitarist of Captain Kudzu, strummed his first guitar stroke. 

Friday, January 25, four bands from all over the South filled the Spring Street Fire House with nose ring and high-waisted jean wearers. Contrasting the freezing temperatures of the night, the energy of the show was flamingly electric. 

“I love Birmingham,” said Will Ingram, lead singer of Wieuca, an Athens based psych rock band. “Its music scene is underrated. There’s so much energy and motivation in the people to go out to shows, and I think that’s taken for granted sometimes.”  

Ingram said the goal of their band is to locate the beauty in the horrible and conversely. Duality plays a huge part in Wieuca’s music, he said. Combining these ideas with a couple of electric guitars, made their performance explosive. They played songs from their albums “There Is No Balance” and “Guilt Complex.”  

The Fire House is the local music hub located in the heart of Avondale, where many bands got their start and continue to return years afterward. Because of the venue’s small size, the sound was upstaging Saturn, Avondale’s biggest music venue just across the street from the Fire House. 

“What I’m passionate about, the thing that keeps me going, is being able to play my favorite music with my favorite people,” said Walker Scott backup guitarist in Captain Kudzu. 

Scott said that the venue played an important role in the atmosphere and outcome of the show. 

“[The Firehouse] has a real DIY ethos to it,” Scott said. “The space really empowers the artist to perform and write and express. And although venues like Saturn are bigger and have regional music industry connections, nothing compares to the ‘from the ground up’ process of The Fire House.”   

Dogwood Lung played a heartfelt set with songs from their debut E.P., Gestures, along with a couple of new projects. With breathtaking lyricism and indie sound, Dogwood Lung showcases a style that mirrors the aesthetic of Big Thief and Snail Mail. 

“It feels like a house show, but there’s a much better sound,” said Rose Farrington, lead vocalist and lead guitarist of Dogwood Lung. “Like the best of both worlds, you know.”  

Having performed at Sloss Music and Arts Festival, Captain Kudzu took on the stage and had the biggest reaction of all of the night’s performances.    

“We hold onto a lot of complex unconventional musical ideas but not in a way that makes it inaccessible,” Scott said. “It’s not pretentious. It’s psychedelic rock music that even my mom enjoys.”

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