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Local band makes a comeback

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The Frequently has been performing at Birmingham venues for over a decade.

Haley Hodges
Music/Culture Reporter

Though its original two members are 20 and under, The Frequently is one of the oldest bands in the Birmingham area, forming over a decade ago with two brothers Ben and Jones Willingham.  

“At age 10, I wanted to be Jack White specifically,” said Jones Willingham, guitarist, writer and vocalist for The Frequently. “I benefited from having a drummer in the house, and Ben benefited from having from having a guitarist. My cousin Tyler jumped in with a guitar and The Frequently was born.”  

The band was already playing at venues like Bottletree in middle school and later Syndicate Lounge. They have since grown to playing at venues like Workplay and Saturn. After two name changes, the band arrived at its current name. 

“I was really into The Strokes at the time and loved the idea of a band being ‘The - something’. Singular,” Willingham said. “We [the band] were just throwing words at the wall and we stumbled upon “The Frequency.” 

Turns out, that band name was taken, so they tweaked it a little and made it their own, Willinngam said. 

The Frequently has gone through phases of different styles and even members, with their newest being Max Simon, who is also a part of Riverbend, a Birmingham power pop band. 

“They asked if I could come jam to see if I could fill out their sound a little bit, which was honestly kind of frightening because I didn't know how or where I would fit in, but it all came together so naturally,” Simon said. 

The style of the group has been a journey for The Frequently, but they have begun to truly find their home even within the plethora of musical and writing inspirations between the members.  

“We listen to this crazy, wide variety of music,” Willingham said. “I mean, riding in the car with my brother will be anything from the most trap rap I’ve ever heard to emo Panucci’s Pizza or Mom Jeans. For the longest time we couldn’t channel our influences into what we were writing, but now we’ve hit a good spot within all that.” 

The group continues to broaden their horizons. The new songs they will be performing at April 12th’s Firehouse show are unique to anything they’ve done before.  

Throughout the several years that they’ve been together, one thing always stays the same with The Frequently. They always want the audience to be able to let go.  

“I want to build community more than anything,” Willingham said. “I want people to feel. Because it’s good to feel.”  

The show on April 12th will be full of sneak peeks from The Frequently’s soon-to-be released E.P.  

“This new E.P. has to do with a breakup I went through a couple years ago that was just really, really tough.” Willingham said. “There are a few songs about thinking ‘Man, I messed this up.’ and recognizing that. But there’s also there’s a song about being really bitter. I write about specific things, but we all go through the same shit, just different levels of it.” 

Along with The Frequently on the lineup will be Juco, a new band from Birmingham, and Dot.s, a group travelling from Atlanta.  

“The Frequently really started with the three of us in Pell City with absolutely nothing to do except make noise in our dad’s basement,” Willingham said. “We wanted to be rock stars.” 

Now, years later, they’re playing at The Firehouse for the fifth time playing new music from their upcoming E.P., At Least There Was A Happy Ending. 

After months of a hiatus from live shows, The Frequently, an indie rock band out of Pell City and Birmingham, is returning to the stage at The Fire House on April 12 with Juco and Dot.s.


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