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Rudy Fowler at The Red Cat Coffeehouse, where she has worked for approximately two years.

Allison Brown
CityLifestyle Reporter

“I graduated from UAB with my art degree, and I’ve been trying to get on my feet in the art industry, but I’ve kind of found my passion in, ironically, working with coffee. I mostly just like to illustrate things. I draw things for other people. I do the wall art on the café. I just like to draw things that make other people happy. I like to do things that make even just a small difference in the world. I think I’ve been at the Red Cat for two years now.  It’s kind of a creative outlet for me.

There’s a lot of different stuff that goes into making drinks, and it’s kind of an art of its own, especially with espresso.  There’s also the aspect of latte art, which is really interesting, and I kind of pressure myself to learn a new design every few months just to keep it fresh.  For pretty much my whole life, I never really had an interesting fact about myself because I was always ‘the triplet.’ That was always my interesting fact. It’s like the same thing with twins, but worse, where you’re always ‘the twin,’ or you’re always ‘the triplets.’  There’s no identity beyond that. So, for my entire life, that’s been my opener.  But now that I’m kind of distanced from everyone in my family except for my sisters. I’m not talking with anyone in my family anymore and I’m kind of living on my own. I’m kind of trying to feel for what that identity opener might be.

I haven’t gotten there quite yet, but I’m working on it. I don’t mind sharing. It doesn’t hurt as much anymore. It’s kind of a long and complicated story so I’m going to try to condense it a little bit. Ever since I came out as gay to my dad, he had always had some kind of conflict with that. Even after he finally decided that it was okay, I don’t think it ever really was okay.  Eventually we got into a conflict that budded into me getting kicked out of the house, and it was really unsteady for a couple weeks until I finally realized that it wasn’t going to be repaired. So, I moved in with my now-fiancé.  We both also recently came out as transgender men too, so that’s kind of interesting, and it’s really nice that I’m able to be who I really am and actually explore my identity and deeper and more meaningful thought processes than I anything I was able to do while I was in that household.”

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