Perfectly Spooky in a Pinch


Last-minute costume ideas to shop around the city


Whether it’s for a Halloween party, handing out candy to trick-or-treaters or you just feel like being festive for the season, there are plenty of last-minute, low-budget costume ideas that can be found right near campus.

Army Costume ground

Army Costume

G.I. Joe, but make it fashion. This low effort look will have you armed with style. 


Pants: $10  
Top: $9 Location: Plato's Closet
Shoes: $22  




80s costume ground

80’s Costume

Cute mom jeans and a jacket that can be worn long after Halloween? Like that’s totally rad!
This 80’s costume is a solid choice for 
someone seeking a comfortable costume this Halloween.


Pants: $12
Jacket: $14 Location: Plato's Closet
Shoes: $30



alien costume

Alien Costume

This flashy alien costume provides a look that is out of this world. The low price and low effort
of this costume is another plus and will have you leaving the store in peace.


Dress: $10 Location: Plato's Closet



crying baby mask

Baby Mask

For those that are not so comfortable dressing in costume, masks are a great option. This crying baby mask will
have your friends thinking you are not only a good sport for dressing up, but also a little creepy. 


Mask: $15 Location: Party City



panda mask

Giant Panda Mask

Always wanted to be a mascot, but never had the guts to audition? Well, now is your time to shine.
This oversized Panda Mask from Party City is not only a unique costume choice but one that does not require your hair to look good, so that’s a win-win situation.


Price: $21 Location: Walmart


cowboy costume ground

Cowboy Costume

Say howdy to this costume that will transform you into a cowboy's sweetheart


Pants: $17  
Top: $8 Location: Plato's Closet
Boots: $20  








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