There’s no off-season for Blazers 

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Emma Owen
Blazernews Editor


While mini-terms, suntans and summer jobs are on most students’ agendas this summer, UAB football players are instead doing hurtles, box jumps and lifting 50 lb. dumbbells. Three football players share their experience of off-season summer training and their hopes for the coming fall. 


Bryson Lucero


Bryson Lucero, quarterback and freshman in business, said the hard work put in over the summer months will set UAB football above the competition.


“My favorite part about training in the summer is the fact that our team is working when many other teams are not,” Lucero said. “We are putting in the work while our opponents are resting.”


Lucero said the coaching staff holds each player to a high standard which contributes to their success. 


“One thing that Coach Clark has emphasized during practice is that as a team, we must treat everything like a game,” Lucero said. “Everything that we do in practice has a direct correlation to what happens in a game. If we can make practice as close as the real thing, when we get on the field on Saturday’s, we can hit the ground running.”


Lucero said he looks forward to the upcoming season after working hard on the off season.


“Playing football at the collegiate level has been a dream for me ever since I played pee wee football in Colorado,” Lucero said. “I am very thankful for the opportunity to be here at UAB and I look forward to playing with this great group of guys on our team.”



Joey Purifoy


Joey Purifoy, senior in psychology, said the one thing that has always been his goal during high school has been playing football at university. Now, he gets to live that dream as a defensive lineman for UAB Football. 


Purifoy said his time at UAB has been a truly special opportunity.


“Coming from where I’m from, most of us don’t make it out,”Purifoy said. “Coach Clark and Coach Tatum gave me a chance and I’m thankful for them believing in me.” 


Purifoy said he feels even more optimistic about next fall. 


“Based off the practices so far, I feel great about the upcoming season,” Purifoy said. “I feel like we’re going to repeat as Conference USA Champions.”


In honor of the upcoming season, Purifoy said he had a special message to the Blazer football fans.


“I would like to say thank you to all the Blazer fans,” Purifoy said. “Thank you for the support. We’re gearing up to have another special season this year.”



Antonio Moultrie


Antonio Moultrie, defensive lineman and junior in communications, said competition is his favorite aspect of summer training.


“[Our teammates] are always competing against one another,” Moultrie said. “We have a very competitive team, which is good when adversity hits in a game.”


Moultrie said summer practices are a chance to prepare for elements the team is likely to face during football season.


“The most challenging aspect of summer training is going through adversity,” Moultrie said. “Sometimes its raining, scorching hot or humid. Once you become used to that in training, when it happens in the game, it will be a walk in the park.”


Moultrie said he and his teammates are a united front and work hard together during their training. 


“We’re very dependable on one another and hold one another accountable,” Moultrie said. “We know ‘Man sharpens man, as iron sharpens iron.’, and at the end of the day, all we got is our brothers.”


Moultrie said his time playing under Clark, head coach of UAB Football has shaped his life in a significant way.


“[The coaching staff] groomed me to be a leader on and off the field,” Moultrie said. “[They] taught me to give back to the community and to know that someone is always watching wanting to be like us, so to make good decisions out in the world.”


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