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Photos by Drew Crenshaw/ Photo Editor


Blazers leave Owls in the rain

A recap of the past games and what that means for Blazers


Payton Parrish
Senior Staff Reporter


UAB defeated Rice 35-20 Saturday to extend their home winning streak to 15 games, the nation's sixth longest active home winning streak. Facing two lengthy weather delays, the Blazers played their longest game in program history with a final game time of six hours and 15 minutes.


The Blazers started out slow and ended the first quarter trailing 7-0. The offense was able to turn things around and head into halftime up 21-20 against the Owls. The second half was played in heavy endless rain.

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With torrential rain coming down at Legion Field, the UAB offense was forced to keep the ball on the ground. The Blazers secured 108 of their 129 rushing yards in the second half with Lucious Stanley leading the way.


Stanley carried for 88 yards and two touchdowns, pushing the Blazers to victory in the third quarter. Two touchdowns secured the win for UAB after both teams were held scoreless in the 4th.


It was clear both teams were ready for this game to be over after playing in such terrible conditions. The Blazers struggled early against the Owls, a team that was 0-5 heading into this matchup.


The UAB offense has struggled this season to find their place running the ball while Johnston III and his receivers have found great success in the air.


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Looking forward the Blazers have to keep working to get a better and more reliable run game going. As the season continues the Blazers will face defenses where passing can’t be the only option.


Playing in terrible conditions like Saturday night never makes for a good football game. It is hard to say what would have happened if the rain and lengthy weather delays would have held off.


When torrential rain comes into the equation, changes have to be made in order to win the game. Teams lose their momentum with weather delays and the conditions on the field drastically changes. Coach Clark and his team were able to adapt to the conditions given and get a win to bring their C-USA record to 1-1.


The Blazers are now 4-1 overall and 1-1 in conference play. UAB will face UTSA on the road this Saturday. UTSA will head into this matchup 2-3 with the home advantage. This will be a chance for the Blazers to regroup and improve their conference record to 2-1 before heading back to Birmingham for Homecoming.

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