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Photos Courtesty of UAB Rugby Team


'More than just a sport'

A look into the newest club sport, rugby


Allison Brown
Senior Staff Reporter


For female students wanting to try something that will help them both meet new people and find a new workout, UAB’s Women’s Rugby Club Sport might be for them.


The club is new to UAB and they are eager for recruits, said Katie Crozier, president of the club and a sophomore in business.


We started last January, but I think we’re giving everyone a run for their money,” Crozier said. “We’ve come a long way. We’ve just been constantly pulling in people. Were always accepting new members, and we’re always down to teach the basics to anyone.”


Jasmine Herron, social and recruitment chair of the club, said that rugby has a uniquely inclusive culture.


“A really big part of rugby culture is just all coming together and being united,” Herron said. “Even though rugby is seen as super aggressive, and it is super aggressive, but I have not met a single person who was mean or nasty or rude. People think, Oh, I only weigh 90 poundsthere's no way I can play rugby. That is not true. There is a place for every single type of person.



As a club sport, the rugby team plays against other colleges around the southeast.While UAB doesn’t have a collegiate rugby team, Crozier said they have an advantage being a club sport.


“There’s a big difference in being a club sport instead of a collegiate sport,” Crozier said. “It’s a lot less intense and a lot more fun.”


Rugby isn’t exactly a popular sport in the south, and everyone involved in the club sport started out as beginners, said Anna Grace Head-Wood, vice president.


“I just saw a sign when I was walking around campus, and I thought it sounded like fun,” Head-Wood said.I thought it would be something cool to try out and after the first practice I was hooked.”


Herron said she joined the team as a way to get involved and make friends and ended up loving the open and friendly culture of rugby.


“It’s just such a good environment,” Herron said.It’s somewhere that you want to be around your teammates, and you want to be at practice because it’s just so fun.”


Another big part of the rugby culture is having a social after every game.


“With rugby, it’s a very close community,” Head-Wood said. “You’ll be fighting each other in the games just trying to win, and you hate each other in the moment. But after the game, you get together and become friends.”


Herron, who organizes the socials, said even though she has played several sports before, she has never experienced a sport that has socials like rugby.


“It’s like a party,” Herron said.All the teams pick somewhere for everybody to get together and have a good time. There are rugby songs that are kind of like a chant, and everyone gets in a big circle and sings. It’s just a bonding type of thing.”


To join the women’s rugby club sport, email or Herron at



It’s more than just a sport,” Crozier said.It’s a community and we’re like a family.