A Look at UAB Athletic Revenue and Spending

Caleb Wood
Contributing Reporter


The UAB Athletic Department recorded $36,494,381 in revenue during the 2018-19 fiscal year according to documents obtained by the Kaleidoscope. The graphics provided visualize that data.


The Department posted an overall profit of $797,264. Football and men’s basketball both posted profits while women’s basketball lost $62,506 during the fiscal year.


Direct support from UAB accounted for $15,598,191 of the total athletic department revenue. Student fees make up $7,259,568 of total revenues. Contributions were the third largest source of department revenues accounting for $4,313,373.


Student aid and coaching and staff salaries were the largest expenses during the year. $8,030,376 was spent on student aid. $7,539,148 was spent on coaching salaries. Staff salaries accounted for $5,246,569 in expenses.

Athletic Deparment Spending InfographicInfografic by Julie Mauldin, Senior Staff Photographer