UAB Football Coach Bill Clark speaks at Signing Day. (Photo by Angela Hollowell).UAB Football Coach Bill Clark speaks at Signing Day. (Photo by Angela Hollowell).April ObermanStaff Writer

On Dec. 2, 2014, it was decided. There would be no more football at UAB.

“Being disappointed does not mean quitting. Keep doing what you know is right. #WTD #UABFootball.” Head coach Bill Clark tweeted this positive message only two days after the decision, despite the upset that spread throughout our university like a virus. There was hope.

And with this hope, the football team was reinstated six months later.

On National Signing Day, Wednesday, Feb. 3, 18 men chose green and gold. Clark believes that signing of these new players is a step in the right direction for the football program.

“We are proud of where we are ranked in our conference right now, but more importantly, we are proud of the quality of people we have,” Clark said.

Of the 18 new players, the Blazers have added two quarterbacks to the roster. Tyler Johnston of Spanish Fort, Ala. did not lose a game during his high school football career. He was also named Alabama’s Mr. Football in 2015.

“The best thing about this guy is that he’s a winner,” Clark said. “He’s a terrific kid. He is the kind of kid that will be a cornerstone for our program for years to come. His stats speak for itself as far as wins and losses go. He is a well-known in-state guy.”

Tyler Marshall, the second new quarterback for the team, was ranked the No. 2 quarterback in the state by He was also the first high school commit for UAB in the 2016 class.

“This guy is what you’re supposed to look like when you’re talking about quarterback or versatile athlete,” Clark said. “The thing that I like about Tyler is that one second he would be playing quarterback and then he would later play tight end.”

Clark said that when the coaching staff began their search for players, they wanted men who look the part. Johnston and Marshall both have the size, the part and the athletic ability, according to Clark.

Running backs AJ Brooks, Demetrius Davis and Dacorious Law were also signed, along with wide receivers Raylon Richardson, Ronnie Turner, Xavier Ubosi, Andre Wilson and Marquis Wimberly, tight end Tarik Ballard, offensive linemen Jordan Jamison and Malique Johnson, defensive backs Earl Chambers, Donnie Lee, Darryl Waters, Christopher Woolbright and defensive lineman Michael Wright.
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