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Aura Literary Arts Review

Aura Literary Arts Review is an award-winning creative literary magazine that is published through the Student Media division of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The publication is led and run by UAB students from various departments including English, communications, foreign languages, computer science, biology, and more.

Our goal is to promote creative artists and give them the recognition they deserve. We also seek to provide opportunities for growth and learning for artists. We host events throughout the school year, feature artists’ work online, and release a literary magazine each fall and spring semester.

The pieces in our magazine are produced by UAB students, faculty, and staff as well as Birmingham artists and artists around the country. We accept entries of the following types: art, essay, music lyrics, photography, play script ,poetry, and short story (fiction and non-fiction).

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Staff Artist photo Jan 2018

Aura Team

Taylor Stewart


is a senior majoring in English and marketing at UAB. While also serving as Editor-in-Chief of Aura Literary Arts Review, she also enjoys serving as Vice President of Philanthropy for Alpha Xi Delta on campus. Her work ranges between writing children's picture books and young adult fiction.

Alice Grissom

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Alice is thrilled to have found room on the grounds of the UAB to puruse a double major in history and English with a minor in women's studies. Although she would generally elect to study words over wrangling with them, she serves on the editorial boards of Aura Literary Arts Review, Sanctuary, and the Vulcan Historical Review. In future years, she hopes to expand her research into the field of historical linguistics.

Micah Briggs

Art and Photogrpahy Editor

is a sophomore studio art major and an African American studies minor from Birmingham, AL. Her concentration is photography, but she also works in other mediums such as acrylic paint and printmaking. Most of her inspiration for her art comes from African and Black history. She is most intrigued by stories and topics that aren't frequently discussed or well known. Her goal is for every piece to create questions and dialogue among its viewers.

Taylor Graves

Copy Editor

Taylor is a sophomore at UAB majoring in English and psychology with a philosophy minor. She is a poety and what inspires her are the people in her life and what is happening around her.

Emily Baccum

Copy Editor

Emily is a freshman who hopes to find happiness as she starts her journey through college. She is double majoring in early-childhood and elementary education with a minor in business. She hopes to transcend into the iconic Miss. Honey from Matilda once she actually begins her teaching career. She changes her mind all too often but loves to try all types of mediums in relation to art.

Parker Rose

Poetry Editor

Parker is an English and philosophy double major. She is an aspiring poet who is overjoyed to find an outlet to cultivate relationships with other young artists. Her philosophy is: a poetic mindset is not one which is only useful for putting words on a page, but one which extracts both meaning and beauty from the patterns which life constantly presents.

Sasha Mitchell

Public Outreach Coordinator

One evening, Karellen, Overlord Supervisor of the human race, shared ap ineapple flavored cocktail with America's Doris Day. She sneezed and from those particles, as mingled with exhalations of an extraterrestrial presence with nostrils for cheekbones, Sasha was born. #HouseBolton

Sarah Oetken

Creative Volunteer

Sarah is a sophomore at UAB and studying neuroscience with minors in art studio and French. She has always loved the art world and all the aspects that an artist can have. She is also a sports reporter for The Kaleidoscope. She prays that she can make it to medical school to help save the world, one brain at a time.

Aura Literary Arts Review is a student literary arts journal produced by students at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Aura’s Awards and Accomplishments:

  • Pacemaker winner 2006
  • CPSA Silver Crown 2005-2006-2007