Artist Spotlight
Duncan Picture     Cat Duncan is an artist living and working in Birmingham, Alabama. She graduated with a BFA degree from UAB in the spring of 2016. Her most recent body of work was on display at AEIVA as part of the Spring 2016 BFA Exhibition, which showcases the work of graduating BFA students in the UAB Department of Art and Art History. Her work is concentrated primarily in the medium of printmaking, and her work is rooted in themes of anxiety, fear, and existential angst. The muted dramatic atmosphere in her work reinforces themes of anxiety and disillusionment as it conveys an underlying sense of vulnerability. 
     A significant aspect of Cat’s work is her symbolic use of a group of figurative dogs known as “The Bitches.” The shadowy, guardian-like bitches are a part of a constructed mythological representation of the artist’s internal psyche. They were conceived as a source of feminine strength in response to some of the particularly gendered slurs and offenses that have impacted the artist’s self-image. They are representative of herself as she navigates through her own internal struggles, and they provide an imagined source of inner strength and power. The bitches occupy an abstracted space, but they are representative of a source of empowerment and accompaniment to the artist. They are used to symbolize and narrate personal anxieties, fears, and memories in a way that is representational and abstracted.
Duncan Girl and Dogs PrintDuncan Dog Print

Patrick O' Neal

We feature Patrick O' Neal in our next Artist Spotlight. He writes short stories and he was published in our Fall/Winter 2016 issue of Aura. Learn about how Patrick create his work "The Things Lost."

Sarah Oetken

Aura releases the third Artist Spotlight! This week, we showcase Sarah Oetken who was published in our Fall/Winte 2016 issue. She was also a winner in our fine arts competition. She mixes neuroscience and art to create outstanding artwork.

Tahla Tessier

We released our second Artist Spotlight. This week, we showcase Tahla Tessier. She was published in our Fall/Winter 2016 issue. She is already showing some of her work on her Facebook and plans to pitch a cartoon idea.

Valerie Nicole Barnes

Our first Artist Spotlight of the year 2017 is Valerie Nicole Barnes. She is a sophmore/junior at UAB majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Art Studio. Her unique art is cosplay. She has done charity work as a cosplayer with organizations at different events. Watch the video for the full video.

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