She Was a Mystery

She was a mystery.
You could never get too close to her,
Could never get a clear idea of what she was really saying -
You could only try to make sense of her vagueness,
Only attempt to interpret the strange words she said with nonchalant conviction,
And try to uncover the secrets she dangled in front of you.

Maybe that’s why they all found her so compelling,
Why you, just like the rest,
Were caught up in her charming,
Yet distant smiles she aimed in your direction.
Maybe it was the allure of the mystery,
The chance to solve the puzzle that was her.
Was her smile for you? Or for someone else?
You could never tell,
She made you feel like you were special, someone important,
Like you were the only person in the world.
But you were nothing to her,
Just another outline of a person
She stared through,
Not at.
To her, you were a distraction,
A means to her end,
Of finding the lingering shadows
Of a ghost long gone.