Mother Africa

Mother Africa you abused and bruised little thing
We try our best to silence you and the song that you sing

You’ve bore selfish children that have inflicted on you unimaginable pains
Billions of children but not one calls your name

They have gashed you deep in the heart, and left you to die
But still you give a genuine smile and an unwilling goodbye

You would still sacrifice your muddy waters to suckle the herd
But your children have grown and refuse to return
Except for the money and riches you offer
Or when you are ill or we, at the alter

The only reason you are so sick today
Is because we neglected you when you would no longer obey

Every command through whips and shackles
Now you are left to bear the scars of wars and one-sided battles

In no time, we also killed your majestic creatures to where some are extinct
You drowned in your tears but we were proud of our mink

A gentle touch your dainty ebony fingers possess
Pointed to the sky when your heart needs rest

You are mother Africa, make us bellow your reign
Although you are mistreated incredibly so
You will forever be the source and mother of humanities embryo

Your curly afro puffs are uniquely created
But your children scoff at your style
They whitewash you out, and have the nerve to call you unliberated

Your curvy physique is as windy as roads
But don’t get it twisted, you could never be sold
To the highest bidder that tries to force you back into slavery
Into a society that still doesn’t exhibit true and undying bravery

Your voice is strong and crisp like the air in the spring
But it’s definitely missing one little thing
It starts with ‘H’ and ends with ‘ope’
Don’t worry, one day you will get the strength to cope

Mother Africa, can you truly hear what I am saying?
Justice is your quilt, but the ends are fraying
Stand tall, show us your height
You own all of us, so don’t cower in sight

Of the evil we’ve caused and the ill will we intend to do
Give us one good slap on the butts, and your powers renew
Don’t ever let us look down at you in a disrespectful manner
Like you are some savage woman, unclothed and battered

Without education or the simplest form of advancement
We are the ones that could benefit from a bit of enhancement

Mother Africa, I sincerely apologize on behalf of my unappreciative siblings
We’ve hurt you with the hands of injustice
But today is a new day,
And freedom is ringing like the bells it is entrust with