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So I was told that I had to write some reviews so I figured why not write one on one of my favorite things, TV. More specifically TV episodes. This is a list of my favorite episodes from any TV series that I have seen, now I am not saying that these are the best of all time (which they are) but just my favorite.

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10  To Catch a Jedi/The Wrong Jedi (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

to catch a jedi I went into SW: The Clone Wars a little halfheartedly, just using it as background noise while I browse the internet but as the series went on so did the story. This is the last episodes of Season 5 of the series and also the last of Ashoka, a character that the viewer had watch grow over the last five seasons from an innocent fourteen year old girl into a more mature and developed Jedi. This episode shows not only that the Jedi are still vulnerable but the darkness that the Clone Wars are casting over them. In this episode Ashoka is falsely accused of a terrorist act where everyone believes it was her. She is banned from the order and stripped of her military position until she was proven innocent by the only one who trusted her, her teacher, Anakin. When the Jedi try to apologize and grant her rank as full Jedi she refused, and walked away leaving her old life behind. Now this story is not all about her, but also about Anakin. This is where Anakin starts to become angry at the Jedi Order because they just betrayed his apprentice without ever giving her a shot. This episode is full of twists and feels that any Star Wars fan would love, it also features some awesome action sequences.

Downer Ending (BoJack Horseman)

downer ending screen capNow this is not the last time you will see BoJack Horseman on this list with the episode the broke my heart being listed later on but this one was the first in the series that left me speechless. Unlike the one above this episode has to be watched with the entire series in order for it to have the same effect on the viewer as it did on me. In the eleventh episode of the Season 1 of BoJack Horseman BoJack is going to attempt to write a new book in five days to replace the biography written a ghost writer that BoJack has had a crush on all season. He is writing the new book because he did not like the book that Diane wrote because it showed who he really is and not what he wants the world to think of him. It is not the book writing that made the episode but when he gets his friends Todd and Sarah Lynn to help write his book. Here they go on a really trippy drug trip while trying to write a book overnight. During this the viewer is shown what is really bothering BoJack and making him depressed. BoJack reviles his inner thoughts to the viewer and takes the viewer on a trip that tugs at your emotions. I will not tell you why (that’s for you to find out) but in the end it leaves the viewer empty inside. This may not be the last episode of the season, it will be the last of your happiness.

Into the Woods: Part 1-2 (Louie)

louie In this two part episode of the comedy Louie, Louie finds his young daughter in possession of pot at a public event. This triggers memories from him and basically the rest of the episode is a young teenage Louie fall from being a star student to being a pot dealing screw up of a kid. Despite what I just said it does not demonize pot per se but it does show the struggle of what a kid goes through when mixed up in some nasty business. Louie did everything from stealing from his school to straight up dropping out to keep his butt safe from an underworld that was way above his head. This episode not only shows the struggle of what a teen has to go through but what goes through the parents head as he has to explain why smoking pot is wrong. This is an episode which can be watched as a stand-alone but is still complimented by watching the whole series. It features my favorite comedian, Louis CK as the main role and some great acting all around and the story will pull you in and keep you watching.
downer ending

Track Takes: What Makes Bruno Mars Great

BrunoHe’s been around for years now, and his magnificent night at the Grammys this year makes him seem as if he’s on top of the world. He’s been able to make waves in the R&B and Pop realms and has even managed to work with some of the biggest Hip-Hop artists of our generation. To understand exactly how Bruno Mars became probably the biggest name in music today, one has to look at all aspects of his outstanding career.

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Meet Our DJs-DJ Swole

Me AgainName: Alex Jones

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Classification: Senior

Major: Broadcasting

Favorite Food: Pizza

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Birmingham Big Battle - Spring Fest Battle Royale!

Birmingham Big Battle

We've got a brawl for all!

- Jared Chesnut, Operations Manager/DJ, UAB BlazeRadio

It's been generating some buzz on campus and online, so we're gonna give you a heads up: BlazeRadio is teaming up with Hot 107.7 to proudly present Khalid to perform at UAB to close out Spring Fest on Saturday! That said, there's still a space free for an opening act, and when the topic came up, it only made sense to handle this the one way I knew how: The 1st Annual Birmingham Big Battle's Battle Royale!

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Super Bowl LI: The Commercials

Super Bowl

- DJ MB-BlazeRadio DJ

So, news broke earlier this week that during Sunday’s broadcast of the Super Bowl, cleaning brand Mr. Clean will be debuting a new model for their campaign. Mr. Clean has been the same man for the past sixty years, so it is definitely interesting to see a new face portray the model for the famous cleaning product. Plus, what better way to make his debut than during the 51st Super Bowl? This brings to mind the idea of what other famous campaigns and advertisements have gotten a boost with the airing of the Super Bowl.

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