BrunoHe’s been around for years now, and his magnificent night at the Grammys this year makes him seem as if he’s on top of the world. He’s been able to make waves in the R&B and Pop realms and has even managed to work with some of the biggest Hip-Hop artists of our generation. To understand exactly how Bruno Mars became probably the biggest name in music today, one has to look at all aspects of his outstanding career.
Bruno MarsOne of Bruno’s first big hits dates all the way back to 2010, when he was featured on Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire”. This smooth, laid-back song about dreaming of being rich and famous put Bruno’s name on the music map. He struck gold later that same year with his own tracks, “Just The Way You Are”, “The Lazy Song” and “Grenade”, off of his historic album Doo-Wops & Hooligans. Fast-forward to 2012, Mars found success again when he released another album, Unorthodox Jukebox. This album came at a time when Bruno had almost left a lot of listeners’ minds. However this album gave listeners more of that vocal talent that we’ve come to expect from him. He brought tears and emotions to listeners with “When I Was Your Man” but also made listeners get up and dance to his hit “Treasure”.

Super BowlThe biggest hit from this album, “Locked Out of Heaven”, peaked at number one on the Billboard charts. While this album may not have been as iconic or successful as his other albums, it cannot be forgotten when discussing the success that Bruno Mars has had throughout the years.
Jump to 2017, Bruno Mars has one of the most successful years an artist can have after performing at the 2017 Grammys and releasing another album, 24K Magic. Becoming the biggest release of 2017, this album had numerous hits, from the amazing “24K Magic” to “Versace on the Floor” to the unforgettable and undeniable “That’s What I Like”, which peaked at number one on the Billboard charts and is still banging on the radio waves today. This album won Mars numerous awards at the 2018 Grammys, including “Album of the Year”, “Record of the Year”, and “Song of the Year”. Bruno actually won every single category that he was nominated in at this year’s Grammy Awards, which in itself is an impressive accomplishment.

Bruno Mars LaughMost recently, Bruno Mars gained success yet again by recording a remix to his song “Finesse” with none other than Cardi B. The remixed track quickly became a hit and has held one of the top spots on the Billboard charts for the past few weeks. Bruno also recently confirmed that he will bring Cardi with him on the last leg of his “24K Magic” tour. Bruno Mars has been taking the world by storm, adding even more credibility to his outstanding musical career. Whether this is the peak of his career or not has yet to be seen, but he is definitely making his mark in the world.

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