From parking lot to pipin’ hot: New park dedicated to food trucks is open for business

Connor McDonald
Community Editor

In an unused parking lot sandwiched between two buildings downtown, food trucks gather around colorful tables to serve equally as colorful and diverse types of food. The parking lot, known as the Birmingham Food Park, is one of the latest additions to Birmingham’s ever-growing food scene.

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Birmingham culinary scene: Where the Magic City eats

OvenBird, on 3rd Avenue South

OvenBird, on 3rd Avenue South, is Chris Hastings’, a James Beard Award winning chef, casual, live fire restaurant. Photo by Emily Cox-Oldham/Assistant Photo Editor

- Anthony Roney, Community Reporter

Welcome to Birmingham, “the Magic City.” Derived from the expansive growth Birmingham saw in the early 20th century, this moniker could surely be attributed to the city’s magical food scene. For years, downtown streets have been flooded with restaurants that push the envelope of innovative flavor and atmosphere.

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One-minute, customizable mug-cake

OvenBird, on 3rd Avenue South

This mug-cake recipe is a way to personalize a sweet treat fit for the winter while saving time and money. Photo by Isabell Moon

- Isabell Moon, Contributor

It’s getting close to finals week, and the weather just keeps getting colder. In the rush to cram all that last minute material into your mind, you probably won’t have enough time (or money) to enjoy all the wintery treats that you’re daydreaming of.

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Fine dining with a taste of history in a living room

Marco Morosini

Marco Morosini, the owner of Silvertron, presents a platter of free food in his restaurant. The cafe recently added vegetarian and vegan options to their continuing, dynamic menu. Photo by Gavin Gilliland

- Gavin Gilliland, Staff Writer

The Silvertron Café, a restaurant unlike any other, sits quietly tucked away among the Forest Park neighborhood in Birmingham. The café has been serving customers for over 30 years. Looking around inside, it is cozy, but open. It feels like someone could be living there, and you can sense the history of the place because all the furniture is vintage. Chairs are set up so that you sit in close proximity to other customers, almost forcing you to be neighborly.

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