UABTV has a couple of goodies this week! Check out our latest uploads!

Sneak Peek at our new series "Student Reactions". We asked UAB students to come in and watch the show Martin. This was some students first time watching the series and others were frequent Martin watchers. 

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This week we began a new series "Political Incorrectness". Garrett Stephens, former USGA president, goes around UAB's campus asking students questions concerning politics. Check it out below!

Also, check out our Homecoming Recap. We covered all of UAB's Homecoming fun. Check it out below.
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UAB kicks off the basketball season with Hoops on the Green. Check out our recap!

It's not everyday you get to find out your dean's favorite music, tv shows and more. Check out our first episode of the Sit Down with Dean Eric Jack of the Collat School of Business.

UABTV: The Blazer Shuffle dance

Check out the official Blazer Shuffle dance below. We're challenging other schools in the Alabama area to show us their original school dance!

What's New with UABTV? 01/30-02/03

Happy Friday! We are excited to annouce our first production of the semester, "Worlds Collide". This a show is two students, Brya Berry and Mason McGalliard, perspective on issues going on in our world and university news. The episode drops every Friday at 1:00pm.

What's New with UABTV? 11/28-12/02

UABTV has uploaded some goodies to help relieve you from Exam Jam! Check out our most recent uploads below.