Bryant Barrentine

My name is Bryant Barrentine, and I'm from Pell City, Alabama. I am majoring in Neuroscience on the Personalized Honors Pathway. I attended The Donoho School in Anniston, Alabama, where I was involved in several areas. I was president of the band in addition to being lead saxophone in the jazz band. I was also SGA Student Body President and I worked in my school's SGA-run coffee shop, which allowed me to get to know many students that I wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise. I was drawn to UAB because of its diverse student body, dedicated faculty, and plethora of opportunities. EMSAP is a great program because it gives me a way to connect with other like-minded students that are also pursuing a career in medicine in addition to providing great mentorship and flexibility. I'm excited to get to know everyone and to become involved in student organizations. Go Blazers!


Sukhmani Boparai

Hi! My name is Sukhmani Boparai, and I’m from Jackson, Tennessee. I am planning on majoring in Neuroscience with a possible minor in Spanish. I attended University School of Jackson where I was the founder and President of our school’s International Club, served as an editor on the yearbook staff, and was an active member of various honor societies. Outside of school, I love playing the piano or doing Bhangra, a cultural dance. As a freshman, I began volunteering at a local nursing home and later conducted a research project with the local hospital regarding the high readmission rate of nursing home patients. Through EMSAP I am able to pursue my passion for medicine while fostering my other interests in the humanities, allowing me to be a well-rounded physician and leader in the field. In the future, I am not entirely sure what specialty I will pursue, but I am interested in surgery and emergency medicine. I’m excited about my future at UAB! Go Blazers!


Connor Campbell

My name is Connor Campbell, and I am a Neuroscience major from San Diego. I attended Canyon Crest Academy, where I spent several years playing Varsity Indoor/Beach Volleyball and volunteering as a peer tutor. Outside of class, I invested time working in various programs designed to help youth with neurological disabilities, along with shadowing in clinical settings at UCSD and a private medical practice. Although I will miss the coastal lifestyle of California, I am excited to explore new opportunities and experiences among my fellow students at UAB. The primary appeal of EMSAP is that it provides me with the chance to develop as an individual during undergraduate years instead of focusing all my energy on developing the perfect medical school application. Furthermore, this well rounded approach to the college experience will allow me to grow into a physician capable of directly assisting individuals affected by various mental challenges. Go Blazers!


Elena Chesnokova

My name is Elena Chesnokova, and I am pursuing a Biology major with a French minor. I am also a member of the University Honors Program. I attended Vestavia Hills High School, where I was involved in tutoring, French club, and debate. Usually, you can find me painting or in a dojang practicing my kicks. I am grateful to be a part of the Early Medical School Program at UAB since it provides an environment where I can step out of my comfort zone and pursue opportunities, such as studying abroad, to develop as an individual while having an ensured spot in the medical school. As of now, I’m interested in many specialties, namely, dermatology and gastroenterology. I am incredibly excited for what the future holds. Go Blazers!


Dorris Dagama

Hello! My name is Dorris DaGama, and I plan to pursue a major in psychology with a minor in philosophy. I was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but I am so excited to call Birmingham, Alabama my new home! I am incredibly blessed to have been given the opportunity to participate in EMSAP, and I am looking forward to learning and growing with other UAB students in a diverse and collaborative environment. I was drawn to the EMSAP program because it enables me to diversify my interests and grow as an individual, while ensuring that I reach my ultimate goal of being a physician. I plan to pursue a career in either cardiology or pediatrics, but have been encouraged to be open-minded and embrace new possibilities! I am looking forward to the numerous research and volunteer opportunities here at UAB, but most importantly the relationships that I will build with my peers and my professors. As always, go Blazers!


Daniel Elston

Hello! My name is Daniel Elston, and I am from Birmingham, Alabama. I attended The Altamont School and plan on majoring in neuroscience with a possible minor in history. While in high school, I was a member of my school’s National Honor Society and Honor Court. I was also heavily involved in my community through volunteering and ran a fundraiser for my local Children’s Hospital. What attracted me to EMSAP the most was the amount of academic flexibility in the program. I am excited to explore my interests outside of science without fear of it affecting my chances to get into medical school, and I also plan on taking advantage of the numerous opportunities at UAB such as undergraduate research. Right now I want to specialize in psychiatry, but I will explore other fields on medicine during my undergraduate years to see if anything else piques my interest. I am so grateful to be a part of the EMSAP program and can’t wait to get on campus!


Grace Ham

My name is Grace Ham, and I am from Vestavia Hills, Alabama. I was Vice President of the Amnesty International Club, and I was involved in many honor societies and academic teams. I have also devoted time to community service every week, from volunteering at a hospital to playing the piano for my church choir. I aspire to continue my passion for my community at UAB, while I also gain insight and knowledge as a neuroscience major through taking rigorous classes and making use of the opportunities offered through EMSAP. I also hope to study abroad to learn about different cultures by completely immersing myself in a different country. Through UAB, I will spare no effort to put my newly gained knowledge to practice and to become a health professional to help children around the world. I am extremely grateful to be a part of this wonderful program, and I am looking forward to new experiences. Go Blazers!


Abhishek Kamath

My name is Abhishek Kamath and I am from Hoover, Alabama. At Hoover High School, I completed my International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. I was also involved with the Hoover Debate team, Hoover Ambassadors, Relay for life, and played tennis and basketball outside of school. At UAB, I plan to major in Neuroscience and potentially philosophy while partaking in the Sci-Tech Honors Program. I was drawn to EMSAP not only because of UAB’s fantastic Medical School, but also because I knew I would be surrounding myself with a brilliant family of special, like-minded individuals. I also knew that with Dr. Pence’s fantastic mentorship, empathy, and unique seminars, I would have the guidance necessary to grow as an individual and achieve not just my medical goals, but also my personal ones. After Med-School, I hope to complete my residency in surgery, specialize in either neurosurgery or general surgery, and become involved with Parkinson’s research and awareness.


Lillian Kennedy

My name is Lillian Kennedy, and I grew up in Mobile, Alabama. I attended W.P. Davidson High School and was a student in the International Baccalaureate Program, as well as the Engineering Pathways Integrated Curriculum Program. Outside of school, I served as a Mobile Azalea Trail Maid, an ambassador for the city of Mobile. During high school, I also volunteered at Women’s and Children’s Hospital and as a teaching assistant at my dance studio. I also held a part-time job at RGG Cardiology. UAB's EMSAP was particularly appealing to me as it allows its participants to major in almost any subject, which I believe creates more well-rounded physicians. While a part of this program I will also be on the Personalized Pathway of the Honors Program and will be majoring in Immunology with a minor in Psychology, with hopes of eventually becoming a pediatric physician. I am excited for my future at UAB. Go Blazers!


Soumya Khanna

I grew up in Duluth, Georgia and have lived there my entire life but I am excited to make the shift to Birmingham! I am currently a neuroscience major but I’m looking forward to being able to explore other interests beyond medicine and find new passions at UAB. Although I’m currently unsure of what specialty in medicine I would like to pursue, through my experiences creating a medical club in high school and from shadowing cardiologists in India to physical therapists in Atlanta I am certain that I want to become a practicing physician and I appreciate EMSAP for giving me the opportunity to do so. I can’t wait to see what the next four years has in store for me and I’m excited to be spending them as a Blazer!


John Ellis Kuykendall

My name is John Ellis Kuykendall and I’m from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I plan to major in Biology, Public Health, or a combination of the two for my undergraduate degree. I went to Northside High School, and while there, I served as a class officer, president of the National Honor Society, a peer tutor, as well as also being very involved with my schools Science club. The summer before my senior year I was selected to be a Rural Health Scholar, exposing me to the lack of rural healthcare in Alabama and engage in health care scenarios. I was initially drawn to EMSAP due to the guaranteed position in the UAB School of Medicine, the mentorship connected to it, and the ability to take courses not typically taken by a pre-medical student. While at UAB I will be participating in the University Honors Program. I am not sure of my future after medical school, but I am very interested in a career with a high percentage of procedures and continuation of care. Go Blazers!


Charlene Mansour

My name is Charlene Mansour, and I was born in New Jersey and raised in Toronto, Canada. I attended St. Theresa of Lisieux Catholic High School where I was involved in basketball, Debate Team, Model United Nations, HOSA, and tutoring. In my community, I enjoyed volunteering for the Canadian Cancer Society, children's Bible organizations, retirement homes, homeless shelters, and medical clinics. I also worked as a National Lifeguard, Swimming Instructor, and occasionally a First Aid Responder. EMSAP allows me to truly further my interests and develop new ones as I am given the freedom to expand my education beyond the typical pre-med track. Furthermore, through EMSAP, I will meet, create friendships, and work with a small group of like-minded individuals towards becoming the best physicians we can possibly be. Although I am currently uncertain of what I plan to specialize in after medical school, I do know that I want to use my future medical expertise to serve underserved populations in Canada, the United States, and underdeveloped countries.


Ritika Samant

Hi! My name is Ritika Samant, and I’m from Vestavia Hills, AL, which is just outside of Birmingham. In high school I enjoyed taking part in various clubs and activities like Spanish Honors Society, math team, ambassadors, and much more. Here at UAB I hope to get involved in similar activities as well as study abroad to Latin coutries. I plan to major in Neuroscience and at least minor in Spanish. I was drawn to EMSAP because of the opportunity and proximity. It gives me the perfect chance to research as an undergrad but also allows the freedom to pursue other activities that I would not have focused on if I were trying to be a typical pre-med such as USGA I can’t wait to grow more as person and truly become an outstanding servant leader in my time here at UAB.


Anna Townsend

My name is Anna Townsend, and I'm from Madison, Alabama. I went to James Clemens High School where I was very involved with various honor societies and the school's Health Science Academy. Through the Medical Academy, I was able to compete in HOSA for three years, serve as the vice-president of our chapter of the club and participate in a semester long internship that allowed me to gain experience in a clinical setting. I was also part of a bioinformatics research club at HudsonAlpha Institute of Biotechnology. I am majoring in Chemistry on a Biochemistry track and am part of the Sci-Tech honors college. Right now I am most interested in pediatrics and cardiology. I was drawn to EMSAP because of its community and the fact that it would allow me to be able to focus on making the most of my college experience rather than becoming obsessed with being the perfect medical school candidate.

Anna Elizabeth

Anna Elizabeth Ulrey

My name is Anna Ulrey, and I’m from Anniston, AL where I attended The Donoho School. I was an active leader in my school as a Red Cross Blood Drive coordinator and the creator/coordinator of our Heritage Month Programs, and I was also active in my community through a variety of community outreach organizations. At UAB, I am majoring in Philosophy and French and minoring in Chemistry and Creative Writing. I’m most passionate academically about philosophy; I enjoy studying ethics, especially within the field of medicine. Although I love STEM, I appreciate the flexibility that EMSAP has granted me to study other things that I’m interested in as well because it has allowed me to explore myself and the world around me in ways that not many pre-medicine students get to do. I’m proud to be an EMSAP Blazer!


Sarah Van Winkle

Hello! My name is Sarah Van Winkle, and I’m a biomedical engineering student from Athens, Alabama. I graduated from the Alabama School of Math and Science (ASMS) in Mobile, AL. While attending ASMS, I served as the Chairwoman of Academic Affairs, participated in student government, tutored peers, and was active in band, cross-country, and soccer. I also led an environmental chemistry research project at ASMS and conducted biochemistry research at the UAH through the NIDDK’s STEP-UP program. My introduction to medicine came when I interned at my local hospital. These collective experiences in medicine, research, and helping people inspired my dream to become a physician-scientist – leading me straight to EMSAP. Though assured admission into the UAB School of Medicine certainly alleviates stress of being a prospective med school student, I believe the mentorship, community, and opportunities within EMSAP are ultimately what makes me thrilled to be a part of this program and the UAB community. Go Blazers!