GPA Calculator

This handy tool makes it easy to calculate what your grade point average (GPA) will be at the end of this semester. Just follow these steps:

  1. Enter your current UAB credits in the spaces below. Key in your cumulative hours attempted (ATT) and your cumulative quality points (QPTS). This information is available on your most recent grade report.
    You may use BlazerNET's Student Resources to view it on your transcript.
  2. Enter the grades you think you will make and the credit hours for each course.
  3. Click the “calculate” button to display your cumulative GPA. Try several scenarios to determine how different grades will impact your GPA.

Remember that A=4.0 points, B=3.0 points, C=2.0 points, D=1.0 point, and F=0 points.

# Credits
for Class
1st Class
2nd Class
3rd Class
4th Class
5th Class
6th Class
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Current Semester:
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