Academic Advising

You can rely on your academic advisor for information, assistance, and encouragement throughout your time at UAB. In general, he or she is available to:

  • help you identify your goals and develop educational plans to reach them;
  • help you understand degree requirements, course selection, and schedule planning;
  • refer you to resources across campus that can boost your academic performance;
  • help you understand academic policies and procedures; and
  • provide information about potential areas of study.


You should meet with your advisor well in advance of registration so that you have time to talk about your interests and goals, discuss your degree requirements, and review the courses you have chosen for the next semester. It’s also a good idea to meet with your advisor during each semester if you have questions, want to explore your options, or need to discuss any difficulties.


To find your advisor, click through the list below for names and phone numbers. For some programs of study, you’ll see (U) listed next to undergraduate advisors and (G) next to graduate advisors.


Advisor Focus Office Phone
Tyna Adams


(Biology Sr. PB, 5th yr)

CH 101 205-934-6025
Gary Applewhite

Physics, Psychology

(PY K-Z and Physics)

HHB 402 205-934-6135
Ben Cooper


(Biology M-Z Fr/So/Jr)

CH 100 205-934-8321
Charity Costa-Reese


(Biology A-L Fr/So/Jr)

CH 102 205-975-4632
Kassie Doggett

Arts and Humanities majors and athletes

(Theater and A&H 0-90 credit hours, A-K)

HHB 402 205-934-6135
John Faulkner Computer and Information Sciences CH 118 205-934-2213
Jamie Grimes Chemistry Chem 212 205-934-7529
Kip Hubbard

Social Science majors

(All SW; ANTH, HY, PSC, SOC, CJ 0-79 credit hours, L-Z)

HHB 402 205-934-6135
Jeanne Hutchison Math CH 482 B 205-934-2154
Delia Lewis


(Jr/Sr, PB)

HHB 437 205-934-6135
Deborah Littleton

Social Science majors

(ANTH, HY, PSC, SOC, CJ 80+ credit hours; All ITS)

HHB 402 205-934-6135
Andrew Meythaler

Liberal Arts and Health-Related Programs


HHB 402 205-934-6135
Tisha Morrisey

Health Related Programs - Nursing Interest

(Pre-Nursing A-L)

HHB 402 205-934-6135
Cheryl Moser



HHB 437 205-934-6135
Adam Roderick

Liberal Arts and Health-Related Programs


HHB 402 205-934-6135
Brittany Saylor

Social Science majors

(All FLL; ANTH, HY, PSC, SOC, CJ 0-79 credit hours, A-K)

HHB 402 205-934-6135
David Sellers

Arts and Humanities majors

(Music and A&H 0-90 credit hours, L-Z)

HHB 402 205-934-6135
Brigette Weatherby

Arts and Humanities majors

(90+ credit hours)

HHB 402 205-934-6135
Whitney Woodard

Neuroscience and Psychology

(PY A-J and Neuroscience)

HHB 402 205-934-6135
Accounting Jessica Smith 205-934-8820
Economics and Marketing Brittany Quinn 205-975-4409
Finance and Information Systems Laura Tull 205-934-8812
Industrial Distribution Kristen Craig 205-934-0058
Management Andrea Miller Pound 205-934-8830
Undeclared Jennifer Wycoff 205-934-1651
Online Programs Wendy England 205-934-5734
Online Accounting & Business Programs Randy Kirk 205-909-6893
Online Information Systems Programs Jessica Hill 205-909-6897
MAc Program and MBA Program (Prospective Students) Christy Manning 934-8815
MBA Program (Current Students) Brannette Marshall 934-8817
School of Education
Mr. Michael Wilson (Early Childhood / Elementary Education majors) 205-934-7530
Ms. Awilda Jones (Secondary and Health Education majors) 205-934-7530
Ms. Vonetta Hardy (Kinesiology majors) 205-934-7530
If you are a pre-engineering major: pre-biomedical, pre-civil, pre-electrical, pre-materials, pre-mechanical or pre-general engineering — you are assigned to an advisor in the engineering dean’s office. To schedule an appointment with a pre-engineering advisor, please call 934-8400 or 934-8410.If you have advanced to your major department, contact your major department for advising.
Biomedical 205-934-8420
Civil, Construction and Environmental 205-934-8430
Electrical and Computer 205-934-8440
Materials 205-934-8450
Mechanical 205-934-8460
Health Care Management, Health Information Management, Health Care Management/Occupational Therapy Fast Track Susan Packa 205-934-5173
Undergraduate Biomedical Sciences Program Brooke Walker 205-996-4942
All Other SHP Students Bernard Harris 205-934-5963
For questions about SHP Programs, please call 205-934-4195.
Assigned Advisor, 205-975-7529
Freshmen and Sophomores Dr. Cheryl Moser 205-934-6135
Juniors, Seniors, and all others Ms. Delia Lewis 205-934-6135
Students with a goal of Medical, Dental, or Optometry School are encouraged to meet with a pre-health advisor as early as possible in order to ensure an accurate, timely, and competitive application to the professional program of choice. Come by Heritage Hall room 402, or call 934-6135 to schedule an appointment.
For advising questions or to schedule an appointment regarding the undergraduate program for Public Health, please contact: Nicole R. Gravitt - or 205-934-7759