Transcript Requests (Pre-1982)

If you were last enrolled prior to Fall 1982, you will not be able to request a transcript online. Please submit your request through one of the following methods:


  1. Mail a completed and signed copy of this form and payment to:

    UAB Registration/Academic Records
    Box 99
    1720 2nd Ave. S
    Birmingham, AL 35294-4600
  2. Include a check or money order payable to UAB. (Fees are listed here.)


  1. Fax a completed and signed copy of this form to (205) 975-6168.
  2. When your faxed request has been received, we will email you to supply you with a website where you can make payment. (Fees are listed here.) If you have a hold on your account, we will notify you in the email that we will not be able to process your request until this has been reconciled.

In Person

  1. Pick up a transcript request form at One Stop Student Services (Residence Life Center of Blazer Hall). Please note that it will take approximately two hours to process and prepare your transcript on-site.
  2. Credit card payments can be made online in the One Stop Student Services office (Residence Life Center of Blazer Hall). Cash payments can be made in Student Accounting Services (Lister Hill Library, ground floor). Fees are listed here.
  3. Return the request form to One Stop Student Services.