A student checking in at the VMC front desk.

Need a place to study on campus while social distancing? Need somewhere to take your test on Proctor U? Schedule the use of a study room today! Here’s how:

  1. Click on this reservation link
  2. Select the Center: VMASC
  3. Select the Section: Studying
  4. Select the Reason that best describes your use of the study room
  5. Adjust the dates to the dates you want to look at
  6. Press "Search" to see availabilities
  7. Review the schedule and select the day and time you wish to reserve
  8. Fill out the question "What would you like to discuss with your tutor?" with the Section selection you chose
  9. Indicate if you need a laptop to use or not in the notes
  10. Click submit

Here's how to check in to your study room:

  1. Come to VMASC Office at the Education Building, room 240, and stop at front desk to swipe in (mask and social distancing required)
  2. Scan your OneCard
  3. Staff will direct you to your room
  4. Once in your room, slide door closed and use wipe-in to sanitize room before use
  5. When your time is up, wipe out (sanitize room before you leave) and swipe-out at VMASC Office