Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Documentation Guidelines

All reports should be current and typed on letterhead, dated, and signed.

The following should be included in the report:
  1. Student information including name, date of most recent evaluation
  2. Evaluator name, title, and credentials
  3. History to Support Diagnosis
    • Description of the duration and severity of the disorder
    • Relevant medical, familial, and social histories
  4. Evidence of current impairment
    • Description of how disability currently impacts the student in social, academic, or occupational settings
    • Description of how the disability will limit the student in the classroom
  5. Assessment Information
    • Interpretation of specific behavioral observation data to support diagnosis (i.e., cognitive functioning, executive functioning, expressive and receptive language and communication, sensory-motor integration, etc.)
  6. Treatment and Medication (if applicable)
    • Description of any current medication, therapy, or other treatment being implemented
    • Description of the impact medication may have on student’s ability to perform in an academic environment
  7. Diagnosis
    • Clear statement of diagnosis including the DSM-5 diagnostic code
    • Include DSM-5 criteria upon which diagnosis was established
  8. Recommended Accommodations
    • Include specific recommendations for academic accommodations and the rationale for the accommodations
Please return the report or address questions regarding documentation to:
Disability Support Services
University of Alabama at Birmingham
9th Ave Office Building, Suite 100
1720 2nd Ave S.
Birmingham, AL 35294-1413
Phone (205) 934-4205
TDD (205) 934-4248
Fax (205) 934-8170