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Career Student Success Stories

  • Andrew Northway

    Andrew Northway


    Throughout the past few semesters, I have been able to work with Medtronic, BioHorizons, and CNC Surface Shop. There, I was able to make an instant impact in a Quality, R&D, Manufacturing, and Data Engineering setting thanks to what I learned at UAB.



  • Brya Berry

    Brya Berry Thumbnail


    Thanks to Dr. Shaia and the entire Department of Communications, I’ve been equipped with the necessary tools to succeed in the news industry. I was recently hired as a News Anchor in a top 30 market. The station is located in Kansas City, MO.



  • Karen Musgrove

    Karen Musgrove Thumbnail


    I graduated in 2020 with a PhD in the School of Public Health. I have been the CEO of Birmingham AIDS Outreach for almost 20 years. The doctorate degree has elevated my agency through research and publications to share the amazing programs of BAO.



  • Kat Jackson

    Kat Jackson Thumbnail


    I contacted UAB advisors and department directors as a non-traditional student looking to change careers. From day one, UAB has provided me with resources needed on my journey. I not only chose a great school but a school that is great for me.



  • Katie Anzueto

    Katie Anzueto


    UAB gave me the confidence, drive, and knowledge to accomplish my dreams. I now have my dream job of being a Nurse Practitioner, where I have the ability to change lives.



  • Mauranda Shingleton

    Mauranda Shingleton


    During my time at UAB, I was able to do volunteer internships with UAB Athletics and participate in various activities across campus to highlight my desire to learn Marketing and the depth of the degree.



  • Muhammad Harris Hashmi



    Thanks to UAB's exceptional Data Science program, I landed a job at Protective Life as a Data Scientist, where I am able to make an impact and contribute to the company's success.



  • Neha Moolchandani

    Neha Moolchandani Thumbnail

    This past summer, I had the opportunity to intern with a Fortune 50 company, HCA Healthcare, in Nashville, TN. As an IT intern, I created SQL scripts to view models for new databases and developed a documentation platform that increased efficiency by 45%.



  • Ozioma Osanu

    Ozioma Osanu


    I'm a self-taught User Experience Designer. I'm honored to share that I will be joining Walmart's Experiential Design team at their headquarters as a UX Intern for Summer 2023! Joining this Fortune #1 company is a monumental step on my UX journey.



  • Rachel Mize

    Rachel Mizel Thumbnail


    Started at UAB in the fall of 2018 and graduated in the spring of 2022 with my BSN. I was previously a pct in the ER at UAB hospital and started as a full time RN on days after graduation.



  • Sundar Tamang

    Sundar Tamang


    I am an Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics/Statistics at Western New Mexico University. During my Ph.D. program at UAB, I had the opportunity to teach various math courses, which was a profound experience to find this academic job.


  • Wendy Scripps


    I began as a student at UAB. In 2013 I became an employee working in transfer student recruitment, completing my first masters and moving on to Program Manager, working on my second masters and now the Director of Student Recruitment with UAB SOD!



  • Will Hawkins

    Ozioma Osanu

    Birmingham Regional President and Executive Vice President / 28 consecutive years in the Banking Industry in Birmingham, AL / Born, Raised, And Educated in Birmingham, AL. I earned my BS degree from UAB while working full-time.