UAB Student Counseling Services is providing Distance Counseling via face-to-face video conferencing to currently enrolled UAB students. This service is available to clients who are screened as being appropriate for this form of counseling.

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Getting Started

If you are new to counseling and have never had a counseling appointment at SCS, you may schedule your first appointment through the patient portal or call our office for a phone consultation at 205-934-5816.

If you are a returning client who has already met with a counselor, you may directly message your counselor through the patient portal to schedule a distance counseling appointment.

Additional information on Student Counseling Service's Distance Counseling services, including structure and limitations of counseling sessions, scope of eligibility and more:

  1. Information Distance Counseling Services
  2. Suggested Privacy Measures for Distance Counseling Clients
  3. Student Counseling Services Agreement for Services
  4. Supplemental Informed Consent for Distance Counseling

Your first Distance Counseling Appointment

  1. Complete Intake Questionnaire PRIOR to appointment
  2. Link to ZOOM appointment will be sent by the counselor the morning of the appt
  3. Log into ZOOM 5 minutes prior to your appointment to make sure it is working
  4. Your counselor will verify your identity with your agreed-upon password and verify your location

Tips for Successful Distance Counseling Appointments

  • Choose a confidential location and ensure no one else is present. Do not have a counseling session in a public location.
  • Have an environment with good lighting where your counselor can see you well. Nonverbal signals are a significant part of someone’s communication and will help you and your counselor have better communication
  • Ensure your environment is distraction-free and have a plan should you encounter distractions (e.g. a phone call, a pet, someone interrupts or walks in)
  • Be sure you’ve identified a back-up method for your appointment in the event your technology has problems.


Schedule an Appointment:

CALL 205-934-5816

Access Patient Portal

*Please note, if you are going to be late for your appointment please call (205) 934-5816 to inform the staff.

No Show Policy

To provide you the best possible care and increase access for all our patients, please cancel your appointment at least two hours in advance, so that others may have the opportunity to be seen. Appointments may be cancelled on the patient portal, via phone, or in person. If you fail to cancel within two hours, or are more than 15 minutes late, or fail to come to the appointment at all, you will be considered a “no show.” There will be a $25 charge per “no-show.” This policy applies to appointments with medical providers, counselors, or dietitians.

This policy does not apply for groups or initial consultation appointments.