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DSS Student Portal Student Access

Use your Blazer ID campus credentials to log into DSS Student Portal, the online services portal that UAB students use to request Disability Support Services accommodations and letters to faculty, schedule exams, acknowledge policies, and more!

DSS Student Portal

DSS Student Portal is a web-based tool for UAB students registered with Disability Support Services. The DSS Student Portal currently provides students the following services:

  • request DSS services each semester
  • electronically e-mail accommodation letters to your professors
  • schedule any exams or quizzes that you want to complete in the DSS Test Proctoring Center

General guidelines and step-by-step tutorials for accessing the DSS Student Portal are provided below.

Why do I need to use the DSS Student Portal?

  • You must request accommodations each semester through DSS Student Portal in order to ensure the most effective implementation of your accommodations.
    • Please make sure to request your accommodations in a timely manner, as some accommodations require advanced preparation and planning.
  • Professors are not obligated to provide you with classroom accommodations if you have not provided your official DSS accommodation letter.
    • Unless requested by the student registered with DSS, faculty members receive no notification of your registration status at DSS or your accommodations.
    • Accommodation letters can be requested and emailed to you and to your professors upon your request through the DSS Student Portal.
    • Faculty cannot request verification of accommodations directly from DSS.

Every semester, students must complete the following in the DSS Student Portal:

  • Request Accommodations
  • Acknowledge DSS policies
  • Send Accommodation Letters to Faculty
  • Schedule ALL Tests/Exams/etc. (if applicable)

Tips for Requesting Accommodations

  • DSS recommends that you contact your professors before the start of (or at the beginning of) each semester to discuss your accommodation needs for each class.
  • Familiarize yourself with each course's syllabus and requirements; proactively address any questions or concerns you may have regarding the provision of your accommodations.
  • Please remember that you do not need to identify the nature of your disability to your professors; however, many students have found it helpful to discuss their specific learning styles with their professors.
  • If eligible for testing accommodations, you must schedule EVERY test/quiz/exam you wish to take in DSS via the DSS Student Portal. Requesting accommodations or letters via the DSS Student Portal does NOT schedule your exams in Test Proctoring.

DSS Student Portal Tutorials

Watch our tutorial videos online to learn how to use your DSS Student Portal account to manage your disability accommodations:

How do I sign up to be a DSS peer notetaker?

How do I apply for Disability Support Services?

How do I log-in and sign eForms?

How do I request accommodations?

How do I schedule a test at DSS?

How do I confirm the need for a notetaker?

How do I request an interpreter or captionist?

How do I request alt formats and upload receipts?

Video Tutorials

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Editing Accommodations Requests

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