Your Out-of-Pocket Cost

Services performed at the Student Health Services (SHS) Clinic that are not covered by the Student Benefit are billed to the student’s insurance. You may pay for these services by credit or debit card. If you visit a provider outside of the SHS Clinic or in a hospital, you may be required to pay out-of-pocket fees to the facility for medical services. To understand the different types of out-of-pocket charges for which you could be billed after your appointment, watch this video:

Your EOB

After your appointment, the hospital or SHS clinic staff will file a claim with your insurance company on your behalf. A claim is a bill that summarizes your appointment and is based on the medical services provided during that visit. Later, you may receive an ‘Explanation of Benefits’—or EOB—from your insurance company in the mail or via your online account. An EOB is a document that your insurance sends you which summarizes the claim that was processed. To learn how to read an EOB, grab a copy of your EOB and watch this video:


Your Bill

Once your insurance company has paid for any covered services in your claim, you may receive a bill from the facility where the services were rendered. The balance listed on this document should be the same as the Patient Balance on your EOB and reflects the amount that you owe the facility after your insurance company has processed your claim.

Click the image on the right to view an example bill from Student Health Services.

If you still have questions pertaining to your EOB, your bill, or the SHS fee schedule visit the Billing FAQs page , or submit an inquiry below.

Billing Inquiry

For more information on Insurance: