Insurance Waiver

Students who already have their own personal insurance coverage have the option to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). For a waiver to be approve, the major medical insurance coverage must meet the criteria below. Students who have their own coverage must submit a waiver through their Patient Portal.

The major medical insurance coverage must meet the following minimum standards:

  • Compliant with federal ACA benefits requirements
  • From an insurance company licensed to conduct business in the U.S.
  • Provide coverage for physicians and hospital providers in the state of Alabama (for a list of Student Health Providers, please click here)
  • Provide both inpatient and outpatient mental health
  • Provide coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • Provide unlimited coverage per illness or injury
  • Provide coverage for all semesters of enrollment
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Waiver Deadlines

Students are encouraged to submit their waivers by the Spring/Summer premier submission deadline. All waivers received and verified by the Spring/Summer premier submission deadline will ensure that no Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) charge for the Spring Term is applied to the student’s account. If the waiver is not received and verified by that date, the student will see the Spring/Summer insurance premium applied to the student account.

Students will have the option to waive available to them until the Final Waiver Deadline. All waivers received and validated prior to the Final Waiver Deadline will result in the Spring/Summer insurance being removed from the student account. The insurance premium and SHIP enrollment will not be altered after the Final Waiver Deadline.

Priority Submission Deadline: December 12th
Final Waiver Deadline: January 6th


Waiver Process

To submit a waiver, please follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to the Patient Portal with your BlazerID and Password (you will also need your Date of Birth for login validation)
  2. Select “Insurance Waivers”
  3. Select “Proceed”
  4. Read the Insurance Requirement Information and complete the three (3) questions and select Proceed
  5. Input the necessary information regarding your private coverage
    • Subscriber Information – information regarding the person who is the holder of the coverage
    • Coverage –your plan’s information (carrier/plan, policy number, group number)
      • Note: The start and end date is the semester start and end date
      • Fall (August 15 – December 31)
        Spring/Summer (January 1 – August 14)
  6. Photo copy of Front and Back of Insurance Card


View Waiver Flowchart