Which Immunizations do I need?

Medical clearance and immunization requirements differ depending on your program of study and when you began school at UAB. All immunizations can be received at the immunization clinic at Student Health Services. For the cost of each vaccine, visit our Fee Schedule.

All students who matriculated (began classes) prior to the Summer 2016 and used the web based medical clearance services provided by CertifiedBackground.com can log in to CertifiedBackground.com and retrieve their records. These records can then be submitted to Student Health Services via the Patient Portal under immunizations. If a student has difficulty logging in to CertifiedBackground.com and need their immunizations moved to their Patient Portal, please contact the Medical Clearance Department via the Patient Portal or by calling 205-975-7751 or 205-975-7753.

Immunization Level

Please answer the following questions to determine which immunization level is required of you.

  1. When did/will you begin classes at UAB?

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  2. Are you a clinical or non-clinical student?

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  3. You are classified at Level 3.

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    3 Immunization Requirements

  4. You are classified at Level 3(b).

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    Immunization Requirements

  5. Are all of your courses completely online?

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  6. Are you a United States citizen?

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  7. You are classified at Level 1.

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    Immunization Requirements

  8. You are classified at Level 1(b).

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    Immunization Requirements

  9. You are classified at Level 2.

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    Immunization Requirements

  10. You are classified at Level 2(b).

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    Immunization Requirements

  11. Because you are a non-clinical student taking only online courses (distance learning), with no on-campus classes, you are currently are exempt from the immunization/TB requirements. If in the future you register for a course that meets on campus, you will be required to satisfy the immunization requirements at that time.

Information for Students with a Castlebranch Account

In an effort to conveniently and appropriately manage students’ immunization requirements, UAB Student Health Services (SHS) will no longer utilize Castlebranch (formerly Certified Background) to manage students’ medical clearance/immunizations. This process will now be performed by Student Health Services. Those students impacted by this transition are those in clinical programs and those with a history of Latent tuberculosis Infection. If your account is “archived” in Castlebranch and you are an active student, your immunization requirements will now populate in the UAB SHS patient portal and be managed by the UAB SHS Medical Clearance staff.

Please note that if you submitted your records to Castlebranch, you will always be able to access your records through their site. If you need copies of your records, please view THIS DOCUMENT for complete instructions on “how to retrieve your records from Castlebranch if your account has been archived.

For more information regarding the UAB Immunization Policy and TB Testing Policy, please select the appropriate option.



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