You will most likely be sharing a room in the residence hall. This is an amazing opportunity to learn about another individual and their background simply by sharing a room together.


The roommate request/selection process in myHousing allows you to form a group of 2 people. Freshmen who opt into a triple room will be allowed to form a group of 3. Through this process, you will be kept up to date by email on the status of your group.

One person creates the group in myHousing and is the group leader. The group leader sends an invitation by email to their request(s). The other student(s) must accept the invitation to become a group member, or decline the invitation. Members of the group will get an email update each time a change is made to their group.

The deadline to update your roommate preference is May 10, 2019 at 5pm. We strongly encourage you to not wait until the last day to complete your roommate groups. The Housing Assignments Team cannot accept any additional changes past the deadline.


Your roommate contact info will be sent via email with your assignment. Once you receive your roommate’s information, you will be able to email them. This will give you the chance to start learning about each other before you live together.

It is very important not to judge your roommate based on your first contact.

You should make plans for what each of you plans to bring or buy for the room. This will ensure that your room doesn’t have duplicate items that could easily be shared.


It is not common for roommates to become best friends. You should take advantage of this opportunity and develop friendships with other students while building a good relationship with your roommate. You should be respectful of each other and feel comfortable living together. It is natural to feel nervous.

Remember to be patient with each other. Any anxiety should go away as you and your roommate get to know each other better. This may be the first time that either of you have shared a room


If roommates do not agree on something, they should take time to talk it out – communication is key. In order to assist with this process, RAs will work with residents to fill out roommate agreements. A roommate agreement is a document used to guide and assist new and seasoned roommates through the process of determining standards for a shared living space.

Learning to get along with others is an important part of a college education; therefore, we encourage roommates to try and work out their differences before requesting a room change.

The formal room change process is initiated by your attendance at the mandatory information sessions for your respective residence hall within the first two weeks of each semester.


If you do not preference a roommate, the Housing Assignments team will assign you a roommate.

The housing application asks several questions pertaining to sleeping patterns, study habits, and the environment. Roommates are matched based on their responses to these questions.