Online Learning Module 2

Core Curriculum Requirements and First Year Experience Courses

1) There are four distinct ‘areas’ that make up the core curriculum at UAB.

Area I. English Composition (6 semester hours required)

English Composition courses, dual enrollment, qualifying AP/IB scores

Area II. Arts & Humanities (12 semester hours required)

Literature, Philosophy, Art History, Music Appreciation, History of Theatre, etc.

Area III. Science & Mathematics (11 semester hours required)

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, etc.

Area IV. Social & Behavioral Sciences (12 semester hours required)

History, Psychology, Sociology, etc.

The core also requires that you take a set of ‘sequenced’ courses so somewhere, in either Area II or Area IV, you must have a 2 course ‘sequence’ in either Literature or History. An example might be to take American Literature 1 and American Literature 2 from Area II OR to take Western Civilization 1 and Western Civilization 2 from Area IV.

2) All new freshmen at UAB also take one First-Year Experience (FYE) Course. Students will choose ONE option from the following three options:

1. First Year Experience Courses (FYEs)

FYEs are based in the academic school. Some schools & departments require students to specifically take an FYE based in that school or major. For instance, if you are majoring in any major in the School of Business, you will take BUS 101 which is the FYE course for all Business majors.

2. Freshman Learning Communities (FLCs)

FLCs are groups of courses that are based on the same theme, team-taught, and encourage students to view learning materials from multiple academic perspectives. FLCs encourages high level of discussion and interaction inside and outside the class.

3. University 101

University 101 focuses on helping students develop better critical thinking skills, improved analyzation abilities and time management techniques to encourage college success.

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