Online Learning Module 4

Graduation Planning System (GPS): My Route to Graduation from UAB!

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Most new freshmen have questions about what classes they must take and requirements they must fulfill to obtain a UAB degree and graduate. UAB’s Graduation Planning System (GPS) is a very helpful web-based tool to help you monitor your progress toward a degree and plan for your future coursework. GPS compares the degree requirements of the UAB undergraduate course catalog (available at with the record of your completed coursework to produce an easy-to-read audit.

  1. How do I access GPS?

You can access GPS by logging into BlazerNet and clicking on the GPS icon that is on your Student Profile page.

  1. How do I read or interpret GPS?

Your GPS consists of a series of sections called “blocks.” These blocks are programmed with the degree requirements for each school. Within the blocks, each requirement is marked with a color-coded box.

  1. What do the different color-coded boxes mean?

GREEN = a requirement has been completed.

BLUE = the requirement is in the process of being completed.

(Usually, a blue box means you are currently enrolled in the course or the course is “in progress.”)

RED = the requirement still needs to be completed.

YELLOW = talk to your advisor about this requirement.

(Most students will never see a yellow box.)

4. What if I am thinking about changing my major?

GPS has a very helpful “What if?” feature that lets you see how your current coursework will apply to a different major - and what won’t apply to a different major – so you can see how much more coursework you would need to complete if you choose to change your major.

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