We do college the way you do college—not the same.

The image of college as a land of fresh-faced teenagers and Frisbee on an ivy-lined quad is a popular one—but it’s not the only one. For some—maybe for you—college is a step forward in your career, a way to take the life you’ve already lived and put it to new use, the pursuit of a long-held dream, or even just an added challenge to a promising high school curriculum.

We do have teenagers and Frisbees, but we also have something else: We have students like you, who make the most out of their education with people like us.

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We aren’t just about the degree—we’re about the education.

UAB is a great place to enrich your life, enhance your career, or just explore your interests with top faculty, great facilities, and a rich student life.

What brings you here?

I’m temporary: I’m just here to learn—I don’t plan to take more than 24 semester hours.

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I’m transient: I’m enrolled full-time somewhere else and will end up transferring my UAB credits back to my home institution.

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High School Students

 There’s no time like the present.

Just because you’re still in high school doesn’t mean you can’t get a start on your college education. Did you know that already? Probably. You’re so smart. UAB likes smart people, and we’re happy to offer you college coursework during your junior or senior year of high school

What brings you here?

I’m concurrent enrollment: I’ll be taking courses as a non-degree seeking student at UAB while I’m also enrolled in high school.

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I’m dual enrollment: My school has a dual enrollment/dual credit agreement with UAB, so when I take UAB classes, they’ll apply toward my high school diploma and my college degree at the same time.

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