The Winter Leadership Retreat is an annual weekend retreat for students interested in investigating strengths-based leadership. Throughout the retreat, participants take part in self-exploration, collaboration, and values-based leadership discussions and activities. Students are given the opportunity to become more cognizant and effective as leaders. All meals and transportation are provided for participants during the Winter Leadership Retreat.

As a result of participating, students will:

  • Understanding of your strengths and the strengths of others
  • Have a stronger ability to delegate tasks and responsibilities based on team member strengths
  • Create relationships with other participants
  • Generate the ability to effectively work with others, including people who are different from yourself or who have different points of view

Application Process:

  1.   Applications will be posted on Engage for anyone to apply who match the qualifications.
  2.   After the application closes, the team will review all applications to ensure that the applicants match the qualifications.
  3.   Emails will be sent out to those selected along with the next steps in the process. Those who were not selected will receive an email notifying them that they did not meet the qualifications for participation.

Past Retreat Highlights:

2019 Harry Potter Leadership; Atlanta, GA

This Weekend I Was Able To Open Up To Those In My Group And Learn Their Strengths So We Could Use That In Our Challengespng
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