Global and Community Leadership

You see the problems, the progress, and the promise of the world around you—and you see your place in it all.

When you see a need for leadership in your world, you take the lead. We’re glad you do, and we want you to do that in our world, too. Our Global and Community Leadership Honors Program (GCL) looks at communities of all sizes and shapes and emphasizes leadership in local, national, and global concerns. You’ll analyze issues around the world and relate them back to your own interests, values, and goals so that you can become a more engaged leader in today's world.

Students in GCL explore issues surrounding the environment, globalization, urban concerns, governance, public health, poverty, educational disparities, social justice, human rights, and more. They incorporate those concepts into their own studies, take targeted honors classes, study abroad and take internships, and go out into the world to make a difference.

GCL is part of the UAB Honors College, grants all of the College’s great benefits, and uses the College’s single application. The application deadline is December 15 of your senior year, so learn what you need to know now and apply right away. The world needs you to lead, and you need to get ready.