2+2 Transfer Programs

Okay, so you’re not quite ready for UAB — yet. Give it a couple of years. UAB and Jefferson State Community College (JSCC) work together to offer a 2+2 degree completion program in Early Childhood Education. Start your degree at JSCC’s Jefferson campus and then finish it at UAB. Get the benefit of the partnership and the location, plus UAB’s nationally recognized programs and achievement of a four-year degree.

To get started:

  • Have a 2.0 cumulative GPA (out of 4.0) on transferrable courses.
  • Complete core courses and transfer no fewer than 24 semester hours from the community college.
  • Apply for admission to UAB as a transfer student.
  • Submit your transcripts from every college or university you’ve attended to the Office of UAB Undergraduate Admission.

As a 2+2 student, you’ll need to participate in UAB’s New Student Orientation, which will be offered for you on the Jefferson State campus.

Learn more about the 2+2 degree program in early childhood education.