Captain’s Log – May 22, 2020:

“Mission Control, it is day 107,748,350 of quarantine on this crazy planet and I have run out of things to do. I have watched everything I know to watch on Netflix, I have listened to all of the good music and podcasts that I know of, I have cooked all of my favorite recipes and I cannot come up with any new ideas to pass the time. A person can only build so many birdhouses! Please, if anybody is out there, send me a list of fun things to do!”

 While we are not really on day 107,748,350 of quarantine, and we are not actually stranded on a different planet with nobody to talk to except our Captain’s Log – we might ACTUALLY be running out of things to do. Do not fear! Mission Control, aka University Recreation, is here to help!

We’ve compiled a list of fun stuff our team has been doing to pass the time during this extended “stay-cation.” Check them out below!


Books Payton123


Podcasts Untitled design 8


Home/DIY Projects jenny 1234


Movies and TV

  • The Office - Netflix
  • Ozark - Netflix
  • Living With Friends
  • His Dark Materials - Hulu
  • NCIS - Netflix
  • Last Man Standing - Hulu
  • Mom - Hulu
  • Shark Tank - Hulu
  • Defending Jacob - Apple TV+
  • The Man in the High Castle - Prime Video




Inspirational/Fun Social Media Accounts


Apps & Games

  • SimCity Build It
  • Words with Friends
  • Block Triangle Puzzle
  • CodyCross
  • SongPop
  • HouseParty
  • Headspace
  • Planta
  • Wordstack