Barrett LaRussa
“At the end of the day I feel better not having battled traffic in my car.  I save gas and parking money.  Plus, I get to be outside for 20 minutes, while inadvertently fitting exercise into a busy day.”
--UAB Graduate Student, Barrett LaRussa
Did you know you can get paid to commute by bike in Birmingham?

CommuteSmart offers support to UAB employees and others who are interested in alternative commutes to work and school. You could earn $1 per day (up to $70) in the first 90 days for getting to and from work or class in any way other than driving alone. Then, earn a $25 gift card for continuing to take alternative commutes at least 20 times each quarter afterwards. Alternative commutes include bicycling, walking, working from home, taking transit, and riding with a fellow student or colleague.

See the CommuteSmart website for more information about the program, the incentives, and to sign up!