Bike Locker Program

Bicycle lockers safeguard your bicycle by providing protection from theft, vandalism, and inclement weather. The lockers are designed to hold one bicycle each as well as bicycle gear. UAB’s School of Medicine hosts 22 bike lockers on the ground floor plaza of the Lister Hill Library.

UAB Bike Locker programThe space inside is approximately: 4' high x 6' 5" deep x 3' wide at the door and narrows toward the back of the locker. Most standard bicycles will fit inside. Longer bicycles such as tandem bikes or some recumbent bikes will not fit into the lockers.

To rent a locker, you can apply at the UAB Parking and Transportation office. You must provide your name, address, contact phone number, email address, and primary work/study location (building and room number). All locker rentals cost $40 per per semester, and are subject to availability. Permit fees can be charged to your student account or paid in the Parking Office. Please contact Parking and Transportation for more information.

Once you have been assigned a locker, you will be given the locker number and you must immediately apply a padlock of your choice (key or code) to the locker to prevent others from occupying the locker. Keep your padlock on the locker at all times, only removing the padlock to put your bike in or take it out. The locker is for your use only during the rental period.

Lockers are rented on a semester-to-semester basis. Current locker holders will have first priority for rentals the following semester.

A renewal can be done by contacting the Parking Office, but original applications must be completed in person. The Parking Office will contact all current permit holders in advance of the expiration date to inquire if they want to renew.