Glove Recycling

Kimberly-Clark has offered UAB the ability to reduce one of our largest waste streams. UAB Sustainability and UAB EH&S have partnered with Kimberly-Clark to offer glove recycling to the more than 2,000 labs on UAB’s campus. Kimberly-Clark’s “RightCycle” glove program offers UAB laboratories the opportunity to maintain research integrity and safety while reducing the environmental footprint of lab teaching and research.

How are Gloves Recycled?

  1. Garments and gloves are worn in the customer's facility.
  2. Used products are collected and shipped to our recycling centers.
  3. Used products are sorted and processed into plastic pellets or nitrile powder.
  4. Materials are molded into new eco-responsible plastic products and durable goods.
Glove recycling process -- all information is in page text.

How to Participate in Glove Recycling at UAB

  1. Make an appointment with UAB OH&S to determine if your lab is suitable for glove recycling by contacting If approved, UAB Sustainability and UAB OH&S will visit the lab to complete a brief training with lab personnel.
  2. Choose the best recyclable nitrile or latex gloves for your lab. To find out more about Kimberly Clark glove options and UAB pricing information, please contact Brooke Jenkins at
  3. Begin using the provided recycling receptacle, making sure to only put recyclable gloves in the container. Only nonhazardous (not contaminated with biological, radioactive materials, and highly toxic chemicals) nitrile gloves can be recycled. If a lab uses both Kimberly-Clark nitrile and latex gloves, they do not have to be separated into different receptacles.
  4. Contact when the receptacle is full and a Green Labs member will empty the receptacle and replace the plastic liner with a new one.

Tips on Buying the Best Gloves for your Lab

  1. Consider the Mil thickness of the recyclable glove. Buy the thinnest glove that will keep you safe and offer dexterity.
  2. Consider the size range of the gloves, making sure the selected gloves accommodate everyone in the lab.
  3. Consider the length of the glove and what is needed by those in the lab.
  4. Consider the texture and the finish of the gloves.

Pricing Information

UAB has partnered with Kimberly-Clark and Fisher Scientific to optimize pricing for recyclable gloves for UAB Researchers. To view pricing for recyclable gloves, follow the procedures you would take to purchase gloves from Fischer Scientific in iProcurement. Click on “My List” and you will see all of the recyclable gloves that are accepted by the glove recycling program. When comparing prices with other glove options, be sure to consider the number of gloves per box.

Available Kimberly-Clark Recyclable Gloves

Download a pdf of available Kimberly-Clark Recyclable Gloves. For more information contact or