To better understand what the UAB brand represents, how we see ourselves, and set the stage to answer big questions on the horizon, UAB has partnered with an outside marketing and communications agency to conduct extensive brand research throughout 2019. A high-level view of the planned research is below. Our goal is to analyze the perception, meaning, and recognition of the UAB brand in its many forms. We also want a better understanding of how our brand connects with our various constituents. This research will be used to help create benchmarks and inform decisions regarding future brand development.

Phase 1: Focus Groups

In January, 14 small focus groups will be conducted and will engage multiple entities across UAB, including:

  1. Health System Executive Leadership
  2. School of Medicine Leadership
  3. Undergraduate Admissions Staff
  4. Graduate Admissions Staff
  5. Graduate and Professional Students
  6. Undergraduate Students
  7. Alumni
  8. Staff
  9. Deans
  10. Campus Executive Leadership
  11. Faculty
  12. Communications Staff
  13. Development and Alumni Staff
  14. School of Medicine Faculty

Phase 2: Influencer Interview Calls

In February / March, influencer interview calls will be conducted to better gauge how audiences outside of UAB perceive us.

Phase 3: Online Surveys

In the spring, online surveys will be deployed to collect a larger sample of data.

Phase 4: Additional Focus Groups

In the fall, additional focus groups will be conducted to hone in on specific questions raised during previous brand research.

Phase 5: Research Reporting

In the winter, all brand research data will be compiled, analyzed, reviewed, and could potentially lead to brand changes (e.g. brand refresh, new logo, and / or marketing campaign) that would be implemented in 2020.


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